Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Wilton Cheese Factory

     We followed the signs on the 401 that led us to the Wilton Cheese Factory.  It only took a few minutes to get there and we were rewarded with old world beauty.  The cheese factory looked exactly like that, a factory, very unassuming, but quaint.  
    When we walked in through the doors I was surprised by two things.  The first was how tiny it was, and the second was how busy it was.   Try as I might to get a picture of the whole store, I could not because of the constant stream of customers.  It is a hot spot!

    I was also really pleased to see the window that allows people to watch them make cheese.  As I have shared I am a big nerd and I love to learn.  Because of a similar window at the Ivanhoe Cheese Factory, my three year old knows how cheese is made.  Unfortunately they were not making cheese when we went to the factory, but I was still impressed that they had the window.

    Rowan was really excited to see that they sold sausage.  He was all too happy to show the different types of cheese that Wilton sells (my kids are all little hams when they see the camera).  I have to say that they had a really good selection of different types of cheese.  I was a little intrigued by their "Danish Style Cheese".  I was impressed to find out that their cheese contains no preservatives and are naturally coloured using "Annatto Plant".  The cheese is naturally aged in underground coolers in Simcoe, Ontario.  Wilton was originally a farmers co-op, but was purchased in 1970's by a family company.  I prefer to feed my kids that is a pure as I can get it, and this cheese sounds pretty pure.

   Now for the most important part of our visit to Wilton Cheese Factory, their "curd".  Their curd tasted different from any of the other curds that I have tasted yet.  It is salty, sweet, and yet also creamy.  On the first bite I didn't know what I thought.  As I said, they are unlike any other curd that I have thus far tasted.  By the end of the bag, I realized that I really liked the creamy taste to them.  I do believe I could get addicted to those sweet, salty creamy little morsels.

   The Wilton Cheese Factory is small, but don't be fooled by gifts in small packages.  It had a nice variety of preserves and candy.  I liked it's old world type of charm with old milk bottles on display.  If you find yourself on Highway 401 near Kingston, you owe it to yourself to make the trip, it will do your soul some good.

So where will the Great Cheese Factory Tour take me next?  
That's for me to know and you to find out!

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