Monday, 14 May 2012

The Beautiful Hamlet of Wilton

    Rowan and I had to go to Kingston this morning.  I have decided to "SEIZE THE DAY"!  Life should be more of an adventure, o.k. maybe a little adventure.  I have seen the sign for "Wilton Cheese Factory" a million times on Highway 401.  It seemed like so far off the beaten path.  I'm always in a hurry, I have not got time.  Rowan and I were done early, so we had time for a little adventure.  We decided to go the Wilton Cheese Factory.  We took exit 599 to Wilton.  It really was not far off the beaten track at all.

    I turned down the road the sign said to turn at, and was struck by the beauty.  Wilton may very well be one of the most beautiful places that I have ever set my eyes upon.  Many of the homes are the original limestone homes.  The homeowners take pride in their old homes and the grounds are kept beautifully.  

    The cheese factory itself is lovely and quaint.  Beside the cheese factory and across the road there is a beautiful little stream / waterfall.  I was so envious of the homes that sat on either side of it.  I could imagine myself sitting in my lawn swing with a cup of coffee (or wine) and just breathing in the beauty.

Rowan enjoyed the stream.

    I'm not sure what makes this beautiful little hamlet so alluring to me.  I actually felt my stress floating off of me.  Was it the beauty?  Maybe.  Was it the fact that everyone was so proud of their home and by extension community that they kept their beautiful century homes immaculate?  Maybe.  It might be because my father's family is from Harrowsmith which is close, and I felt that family connection. Maybe?  I don't know exactly what the reason, the fact is that I felt tranquil, and that is something that I do not often feel.

    I found myself behaving like a paparazzi, camera in hand, head stuck out the car window.  Stopping the car to take pictures.  It took all of my strength to not jump out of the car and run up to the old abandoned home above.  The only thing that stopped me was the "No Trespassing" bright yellow sign. That only stopped me because Rowan was in the car and I did not want to set a bad example.

    Their very barns were beautiful, how can that be?

    As a special treat to Rowan we went to the beautiful little park beside the Wilton Pottery (which I had dearly wanted to visit, but it was closed).  As tranquil as I felt, Rowan felt the opposite, elation.  He could not decide which to play on first.  Strangely his elation fed my tranquility.  The world just felt right.  The stars were all aligned.

"Take my picture MOM!"

   We did make it to the Wilton Cheese Factory, the sole reason for our visit to Wilton, and I will tell you about that tomorrow.  Here is what I will say to you.  Take a drive.  It does not have to be a Sunday, it can be an any day.  SEIZE THE DAY, find the joy in what ever way you can!

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  1. Dad and I have been going through these little Hamlets for years .This was the road we called the river road I think,we used to go for a drive and try to get lost.I would love to explore all the little Hamlets,Towns Villages.Glad to hear you enjoyed your day with Rowan.