Friday, 18 May 2012

The Galloping Goat in Milford

    I traveled to the quiet, picturesque little hamlet of Milford, Ontario with the sole purpose of visiting the Black River Cheese Factory.  A sign on the side of the barn caught my eye, "Original Site of The Black River Cheese Factory".  I had brought my mom with me and she told me that she loved that little shop across the road, could we go and have a peek?  We had time.  We went and had a peek, Thank you Mom, we found a treasure.

    The shop sits beside the river, and the smart owners use this to their advantage.  They have set their garden ornaments around their gardens all around the properties.  It is such a clever idea, because it gives you clever ideas.  I think that Christopher will be glad to know that I had only brought enough money with me for gas and cheese, because if I'd brought the Master Card, I would have been tempted to buy pretty much everything that they had.

  Inside the shop it is crammed with beautiful items and unusual trinkets.  Our attention was pulled in every direction.  Elly kept shouting out "Oh look at dis!"  It would be the perfect place to visit for teacher's gifts, birthday gifts, or just beautiful gifts for your own self.

    The Galloping Goat was a really beautiful little find.  It had such a relaxed feel to it.  The air smelled a little sweeter, the greens were a little greener, and my shoulders felt a little farther from my ears.

Even their little mailbox is eclectic and adorable!

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  1. Your dad and found this little store a few years ago nd I fell in love with it.It is the place to go for the people in your life that are hard to buy for and the place to go for the joy of being there.The whole area is like a gift in its self.I am very much enjoying our day trips.Just say when the next trip is,and I will be ready and waiting