Thursday, 17 May 2012

Black River Cheese

    Today's cheese factory on the "Great Cheese Factory Tour" was The Black River Cheese Factory.  The Black River Cheese Factory has been in operation since 1901, that is a long time.  The Black River Cheese Factory is just a little jaunt from Picton, Ontario, in a little hamlet called Milford.  The drive was beautiful.  I love Prince Edward County (where both Picton and Milford are situated).  Everything seemed greener.  The air smells cleaner.  It is no wonder that Prince Edward County is such a holiday destination.  Wine making seems to be the new industry there, and what goes better with wine than... CHEESE.
  After two or three little roads led us to The Black River Cheese Factory we arrived at what has to be the cutes cheese factory yet on the tour.  It sits beside a beautiful river.  When I opened the doors it felt homey.  It was not too small, not too big.  It offered a nice variety of different types of cheese.  It's specialty seems to be "mozzarella".  There were so many different varieties of "mozzarella".  They make Dill, Garlic, Horseradish, Hot pepper, and Jalapeno Mozzarella.  They also make an intriguing "maple cheddar", made with real, local maple syrup.  They had a sample of it, I'm not sure if the maple was my favourite.  It might be a two bite decision.  

    Of course we needed to buy cheese curd, which my mom was kind enough to spring for (yah Mom).   Their curd was nice and squeaky, which if you have been reading my "Great Cheese Tour" you would know is very important.  It had just the right amount of salt.  Very nice.  They also had "garlic curd".

    I really liked how they supported their neighbours.  There were so many nice and different foods and items, all local.  Local baking, local preserves, local candy, even local soaps.  It is so nice to see that.

    I think that you know that we tried the samples.  I was quite impressed to see their awards right there for everyone to see.  If you're good at what you do, I think you need to be proud to show your awards.

    It was also nice to see a variety of ready to go gift baskets.  It would be nice to just walk in and buy a nice cheese gift basket.

  I think we all know who had to sample the ice-cream.  Elly had a chocolate soft serve and gave it the thumbs up!  The staff were excedingly nice, which is important to me, and was sadly lacking in majority of the other cheese factories that we visited.  For that they get an A+.

Elly showing off her cheese curd curl.

I really liked the little picnic table beside the factory, beside the river
 ( I can only assume "The Black River").  

Their website is really colourful and bright and gives some interesting history on the area.

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  1. This is one of my favorite cheese factories,it is not just the cheese, which buy the way is wonderful.The drive there is beautiful,so many places and things to see.People seem more friendly,all and all I think it is a very worth while trip.

  2. What a wonderful day! I love taking little day trips places. Have a great weekend!