Saturday, 5 May 2012

Doohers, Campbellford's Delicious Treasure

   When I mentioned on my Facebook status that Christopher and Elly and I had a great afternoon in Stirling / Campbellford my immediate response from my friends was "Did you go to Doohers?"  As far as I am concerned Doohers is Campbellford's treasure.  It would be sinful to go to Campbellford and not go to Doohers.

    I first came to discover Doohers when my husband worked for an unpleasant man in Campbellford (see I don't just have nice things to say).  He was a horrid little man, but because of him, my husband introduced us to the lovely little town of Campbellford.  It was also because of this retched little weasel that my husband came to find employment with his current employer, who is really nice ( can you get the hint that I still have issues with my husband's former employer). But I digress.

    The first thing that you notice as you walk into Doohers for the first time is the intoxicating smell.  If heaven has a smell, I'm pretty sure this is it.  I am also pretty sure that your first whiff is worth at least 100 calories without even eating a bite.

Elly really wanted me to take a picture of her pointing to the "yummy" cupcakes.

    To me the above doughnuts are the best in the entire world.  They have this magical property to them.  The outside of the doughnut has almost a candied crust, the inside moist and delicious, but that's not what makes them so good, oh no, it's the cream filling.  As you bite into that little gift, the cream spills out coating your nose and chin.  If I had a last meal, I am pretty sure that Dooher's cream doughnuts would be on it ( that and my weight in crab with clarified butter)

    My second favourite Dooher's item is their gingerbread men.  One time, (also referred to as the best moment of my life),  I came in just as they were bringing those gorgeous little creatures out of the oven.  Oh if I thought they were good before, there is nothing like having them warm.  Their gingerbread men are thin and crisp with a tiny bit of a bite to them.  The icing really compliments the bite, but it is just the right amount of icing.

    I have never been to Doohers without seeing the nice lady with the white hair (she really needed to be coaxed to have her picture taken).  I don't know her name, but I know her face.  She is a fixture in that bakery.  She's also really pleasant and always gives my kids a really nice smile.  Both of those ladies were really nice, it's like icing on the cake, oh and I really do mean that pun.

     So if you find yourself within a 100 kilometer radius of Campbellford, Ontario you owe it to yourself to take a road trip to Dooher's Bakery.  You can thank me later.


  1. Your blog is very interesting and entertaining keep up the good work!

  2. I just looked at thee picture of the cream Doughnuts,I now want one who am I kidding I want a dozen,they are the best.You didn,t mention the cream doughnuts when we spoke about your great day did we,were you being greedy you brat.Oh well still love you and you are doing a great job of your blog