Thursday, 10 May 2012

Breakfast In Bed For Mom's Of Grown Up Kids

    Mother's Day is just around the corner, and I thought I would share one of my grown up Mother's Day traditions.  That way you have enough time to copy it.

   Every mothers day I lie in my bed with a mixture of dread and sentimentality.  I know that I will soon be receiving breakfast in bed.   Why the dread?  Well how much time do you have?  There have been some pretty scary breakfast in beds, I'm not going to lie.  There was the year that I received a ham sandwich with so much mayo that top actually, not word of a lie slid right off.  It was like mayonnaise diarrhea.  There have been the years of eggs which are not all the way cooked.  Eggs that look like they have been sat on.  Then there is everyone excitedly running in and joining me in the bed for breakfast in bed.  This of coarse leads to egg yolks ground into my sheets.  There is always a juice spill.  It is really messy, and guess who has to clean it?  But then there is the look on my kids faces (and my husband's).  They are so proud of themselves, and so excited.  Maybe it's worth the mess, and the hours of listening to their hushed giggles and fights as they get my breakfast ready.

    A few years ago I thought about my Mom not getting breakfast in bed.  I could not physically go and make her breakfast in bed (I am waiting to receive my own).  I did the next best thing, I made her a breakfast basket.  The first year I did it was a blast.  My best friend and I decided we would both make our Mom's breakfast baskets ( yes we were adults at the time).  We each made two different batches of muffins, then split them.  We went to my favourite Dollorama and bought cute tea towels and little baskets.  What can I say, the little things amuse me (thank God).  Our Mom's were pretty excited (or my Mom is a really good actress...wait a minute).  From that point I have done it every year.

    This year's basket is lime green with a cute little tea cup tea towel.  I bought cute little yellow checked napkins.  I'm filling it with huge navel oranges, Royal Gala Apples, Bartlett pears, muffins, cressants and of coarse juice and little packages of tea.  I have her another gift too, but I'm not going to tell what that is (just incase she's reading this).

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  1. I look forward to my breakfast being brought to me on Mothers Day,it is very nice.Dad of enjoys it to ,he seems to think it is for him.I was just wondering if I would get it this year,i was happy that I read your blog today.

  2. Katrina MacKinnon10 May 2012 at 09:56

    I am totally stealing this idea!