Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Our Robins

    Last Tuesday, Christopher came in and told us that a bird had built a nest in the lilac branch that had fallen onto our side fence.  The kids all went out to see it and declared that it was "cool".  We had assumed the nest had been in the branch when it had fallen.  I'm really glad now that we left it.
    Last Thursday the kids came charging into the house excitedly, "MOM, MOM, MOM, the nest is a robin's nest, and she laid eggs!!!!!!"  I'm not sure who was more excited Christopher or the kids.  Christopher's reply after his initial excitement had worn off, "Man, robins are stupid, at least that one is."  I have to agree with my husband on this one.  The fence on which the branch with the nest lays is maybe four feet off of the ground.  Basically the robin should have made a sign with her little beak that said "Free breakfast cats and raccoons".


    I of coarse got out there with my camera to take pictures while the robins were away.  It was exciting to see nature up close and personal.  We gave the kids the big speel to stay away from the fence, we didn't want to put the robin off of her nest, and they could not play too close to the fence for fear of knocking down the nest.  We go out everyday to check the eggs.

    My goal was to get a good picture of the momma robin on her nest.  This is proving to be a difficult task.  I expected her to try to attack me, but she keeps flying off, now that's some really good mothering. "It's o.k. eat my babies, just don't hurt me."  This picture is the best and closest that I could get.  As soon as I get within three feet of her, she flies off.

    I think that I have shared that I am a really big nerd, and that I feel like every occasion is a teachable moment.  The kids just roll their eyes at me, but in the end they learn something new, and enjoy themselves.  I don't really know anything about birds.  My parents love birds, know everything about birds.  They can tell you everything there is to tell about "The Blue Breasted Grubler Warbler" (o.k. I made that name up.  I bet that you birders already picked that up).  Mom and Dad have dozens of bird feeders and bird houses around their house and yard.  They shake their head at my lack of interest in birds.  Well I'm interested now, at least until the babies hatch, then I won't be interested anymore. 

    I found a really great website called .  It has great information about robins, and work pages and colouring sheets.  According to this website we have one more week to wait for our baby robins.  I sure hope that nothing gets to the eggs before then.

Stay tuned until next Thursday when I have a birth announcement or an obituary.


  1. It is so good for kids to have an interest in nature,this is a great way to start.They have always wanted to watch the birds here ,as they can see them winter and summer from the windows.It brightens up the winter and is pleasing to the ears in all seasons.

  2. Hey Tristan! I love the pic of the robin eggs. My mom and dad have a robin nest right outside their door under the roof ledge. They're afraid of going in and out of the house now and disturbing it! hehe