Thursday, 14 March 2013

Kool-Aid Playdough

    Two days left of March Break.  We have done two trips, and one friends day with a sleep over.  Today we made playdough at Elly's request.  Elly and Rowan helped, and had fun.  Instead of my usual playdough recipe, I added a little pizzazz and a whole lot of awesome smell.  I wish that you could smell how good this playdough smells.

    Here's my recipe....

1 cup flour                                                              1 cup water
1/2 cup salt                                                             3 Tbsp cream of tartar
2 Tbsp vegetable oil                                              1 package of Kool-Aid drink mix

Mix all of the dry ingredients together, then mix in the liquids in a large pot.

    Next you want to to heat this mixture on medium heat.  I am warning you right now, your arm is going to hurt from stirring.  You want to keep stirring until the liquid mixture pulls away from the sides.  You are done when it resembles stiff mashed potatoes.  Take your pot off of the stove and let it cool.

    The next step is to kneed your playdough.  I like to kneed it when it is still warm, mainly because I really enjoy the way that it feels.  It really will smell good.

    We made four separate batches.  The kids were a little disappointed because I thought that the blue package would be blue, but it wasn't.  I guess if I'd read the label, "Tropical Punch", then I would have thought about tropical punch being red.  I made the kids wait until I had finished all of the batches before I would let them play with it.

    I you want to have lots of playdough fun, you may want to revisit these past blogs.

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