Sunday, 27 May 2012

Cheese Festival

    A few weeks ago I received an exciting email.  As you know I have been doing the "Great Cheese Factory Tour", where I have been going to local cheese factories, and then blogging about them.  When I have visited all of the cheese factories that I can, I will do a final report on each of the factories strengths and weaknesses.  Let me also share the obvious I LOVE CHEESE!!!!  Back to the exciting email.  I received an email from one of the organizers of The Great Canadian Cheese Festival in Picton.  She asked if I would like to attend the festival.... ah YES.  
    When you go to the different cheese factories you will notice the obvious... cheese, but it you look a little closer you will notice that they are supporting local talent.  You will see locally made preserves, often with ribbons indicating that they have won first prize at a local fair.  There is often locally made candies.  Some of the cheese factories feature locally made baking.  Do you see what I am getting at, they support their community while they are supporting themselves.  If this was the business model in more places, we would not be seeing so many small business going out of business.  What I really like about this festival is that they are abiding by this same principal... support your own!
    The festival boasts 125 different types of cheese from one end of our great country to the other (P.E.I. to Vancouver).  There will be cheese tastings, and opportunities to purchase these 125 different types of cheese.  What goes amazingly with cheese?  W-I-N-E!!!!  There will be local wineries showcasing their unique County wines.  Not to be outdone by the wineries there will be several craft beers available to taste (this will please my husband to no end).  This local event will be supporting many local artisans, see what I mean, excellent.  If that weren't enough there will be several different cheese seminars (I'm planning to attend the "Making Cheese From Home" one).  
    The Food Network's Bob Blumer will be at the festival on Saturday, June 2.  Kris Holden-Reid from "Lost Girl" will be there also (you may remember him from the award winning "The Tudors").  I am really, really excited.  After receiving the email, and then visiting the website and finding out more information I was literally jumping up and down with excitement.  After a few minutes I came down fast, I am having surgery on my nose this Tuesday.  I will have a cast on my nose for a week.  The downer only lasted a few minutes, because I have decided right there and then I will be attending this Great Cheese Festival, even if I need to bring an I.V. pole with me.  So you will recognize me by the face cast, and the arms full of cheese.

    If you would like to attend this amazing festival, The Great Canadian Cheese Festival has offered my readers a 25 percent off ticket to attend.  Simply click the link below, enter the promotional code CF12SHOE and go from there.  See you at the festival!

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