Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Grace's Radio Adventure

Some the cast of Munsh Tales with Charity Brown 

    When Gracie auditioned for The Stirling Festival Theatre's Young Company's "Munch Tales", I knew this was an amazing opportunity for Grace.  Stirling Festival Theatre has much critical acclaim in our area, and even beyond our area.  I thought that she would gain confidence.  I thought that she would learn more about the theatre, and how to take direction.  I knew that she would make new friendships with kids who had a shared common interest.  Of all of the opportunities that I thought I "knew" about, I was surprised to discover today's opportunity, a radio interview.

    Gracie was beside her self with excitement when she learned that her name had been drawn to go to the radio station (the entire cast would not be able to fit into the small recording studio, so names had to be drawn to keep it fair).   She had a mixture of excitement and and an equal dose of nerves.  As we drove to Belleville, Grace looked like she might burst from excitement or throw up.  When all of the kids had assembled at the station, their faces mirrored Grace's.  You could feel the tingling like electricity from their combined feelings.  I looked at all of their fresh faces, taking in the atmosphere, thinking about their potential.  These kids are the potential for Canadian entertainment.  No matter what had happened, Celine Dion would have had a beautiful singing voice, but without people encouraging her, and helping her, the rest of the world would have never heard her voice.  The Stirling Festival Theatre's Young Company parents are encouraging the kids to reach their potential.  David Vanderlip the play's director has seen their potential, recognized their talent and helped them to shape their potential.  The radio station and Charity Brown the DJ, is feeding their potential, telling them they are on the right path, telling them to continue, strive harder.  

    When Grace came down the hall from the recording booth, her face was flushed, and she was walking on cloud nine.  She could barely contain herself.  As soon as we were in the car, she exploded with her joy.  " OH MOM!  We saw how they do the radio.  Charity pushes buttons.  Oh she is sooo much prettier in person Mom  She was soooooo nice Mom.  She's so pretty Mom.  Maybe I want to have my own radio show...."  It all tumbled out of my little girl's mouth.  It was pure joy to hear her. She gave me a play by play of what happened, each new piece of news building with excitement.

    The above is a clip of still pictures and their interview.  Grace and I listened to the interview on the radio as we drove home.  I could barely see the road for my tears of pride.  My little girl was growing up.  She has accomplished so much already.  I don't know if as an adult I would have the courage to do what she is able to do, even though I dearly wish that I could.  It has always been my dream to act in a play, to sing in public, but I just don't have the courage.  Here is my 11 year daughter ripping through my fears, with cautious abandon.  In this case I should be looking to my own child as a role model.

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