Friday, 11 May 2012

Our Baby Robins

    Today we had a really nice surprise, our robins hatched!  It is really exciting.  As you can see from the picture above, the third one was not even out of it's shell.  Apparently they toss their shells out of the nest.  If you were paying attention, then you would remember that we originally had four eggs.  One of those eggs disappeared.  It's a wonder that there are any eggs.  Their mother stinks!  Any time I would go to take a peek, she would take off.  Also she picked a really stupid place to build her nest (although I say thank you to her because I can get really great pictures of her babies).

    When I came out a little while later to see if the third baby had hatched, I saw this.  It was really neat.  They are these little pink creatures covered in downy fluff.  They have these tiny bulgy eyes that are completely shut, and these huge hungry mouths.  They look a lot like marionettes, or Muppets.

    Riley was so excited to see them.  When she came home she really wanted to see them.  She came in the house afterwards with this horrified look on her face.  "Those are the ugliest things that I have ever seen!" she said with her face contorted.  "They are all gross bulgy eyes, yeeeeeeeeeee".

    I am kind of excited to watch them grow.  I plan to take their picture every day.  When they are ready to fly out of the nest, I will have some pretty neat pictures.

    It sure would be nice if you could click on the pink button below.  I'm in a contest, and could sure use your vote!  Thanks.

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