Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Kid's Bedrooms

    I love reading other people's blogs.  I feel like it is a cross between being a voyeur and and reading an online self-help book.  I love peeking into other people's lives, and then stealing their best ideas and applying them to my life.  Not too many of us are going to share our "ugly" truths, but no one is inspired by "ugly truth", they are inspired by "inspiration".
   I am a work in progress, and sadly it has taken me this long to figure out what works and what does not work for myself and my family, who am kidding, I'm still learning.  Life is about balance.  Part of that balance is having a space to recharge.  Every few years we change the kids' rooms.  It usually happens when they hit their next maturity plateau.  For Gracie our oldest daughter it was pre-teendom, for our youngest it was the switch from baby to toddler, for the twins it was toddler to school age kid.  I am going to share the picture of Gracies' room and Elly's room.  Keep in mind that currently these space's do not look this tidy.  I gave them the space to recharge in, it is up to them to maintain it.
I purchased an inexpensive cork board and then hot glued flowers to it, and hot glued letter's to spell out Gracie's name 
Gracie's room has a slanted ceiling.  To maximize the space we put her bed under it and curtained it to make it feel special.  I asked my friend to write positive affirmations across the top, so that every time she went into her room she would read them and hopefully internalize them
I found this neat little pressboard cut out of a girl.  I painted it with chalk board paint,
then hot glued a dress made of painted cork.
I found the letters at Michael's  and just painted them purple and used the end of my brush to make poka dots.
You can't really see it in the picture, but just over Elly's head is a picture the big kid's drew for her when she was born.  We framed it with an inexpensive picture frame.

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