Friday, 24 February 2012

Riley's First Slumber Party.

    Riley came home from school a few weeks ago, little face all lit up and an invitation in her hand.  She had been invited to her very first slumber / birthday party.  It is all she has been able to talk about.  Everyday we get the count down "only ___ more days until Maddie's birthday party".  I do not think that she will last the night, and if she does I do not think that she will get much sleep.  For girls sleep overs are a right of passage.  It means you are growing up.
    Last week-end we went birthday shopping.  We bought a pair of cupcake pajamas for Riley and a matching pair for her to give to Maddie as a her gift.  Riley thought that would be a great gift.  She had already begun imagining Maddie's face when they went to change into their p.j.'s and she saw Riley in hers.
    I was thinking as I lay in bed last night about the pajama bags my sister and I had as little girls.  I had a powder blue poodle and Mandy had a cotton candy pink poodle.  They had a zipper on their stomach that opened up for you to put your p.j.s in.   I would put my p.j.s in there religiously and then put it on my pillow, every morning.  I thought it was pretty special.  As I lay there thinking about it, I decided that I would take a trip to Belleville in the morning and see if you could still buy such a thing.  Then the snowstorm hit.  I was not going to be leaving the house.  I decided to try my hand at making my own.  The pajamas have cupcakes on them, so I would make cupcake pajama pillows.  One for Riley and one for Maddie.

I jotted down a sketch (drawing is not a strong suit for me).  I then cut a template out of bristol board.

I cut the polar fleece. 

I thought it might look like cupcake paper if I sewed lines into the fleece ( I think I may have been nuts.  I only did it for one, because sewing the lines took longer than the whole project).

I sewed everything together except for the bottom.  On the bottom I sewed velcro.

The pajamas fit into the bottom.

    When Riley came home from school and saw the cupcake on the table she thought it was pretty neat.  When I told her what it was, and that I had made a matching one for Maddie, she was over the moon.
I just hope that Maddie is as excited to receive the gift as Riley is to give it, I guess I'll hear Sunday morning, or more likely late Saturday night.


  1. Very cute idea! I loved slumber parties growing up :) New follower from circle of moms, I look forward to your future posts! You can find me at
    Have a great weekend!

  2. This is a cute idea,you and your sister had them,I had one as a child .Maybe you have started a come back for the pj bag.