Sunday, 5 February 2012

Pizza Rolls

     Sunday, my busiest day of the week.  The day I try to get a leg up on the week ahead.  I try to catch up on laundry all the while baking my brains out.  Today I added to the normal Sunday routine by adding "Super bowl" snacks to my list.  Super bowl Sunday is the one day of the year I am a kind a dutiful wife.  Super bowl Sunday is the day that my husband feels my love.  Normally I really pull out all the stops, but this year we are really pinching the pennies because we are taking the family to Disney World in March.
    Today for this weeks lunches I pulled a double duty.  I made cinnamon bun dough do two things.  I made plain cinnamon buns for breakfasts/ lunch snacks.  Normally I like to make a Saint Cinnamon Bun type of cinnamon bun with gooey sauce, but that does not translate well into school lunches.  I then put a spin on that and made pizza buns.  Pizza buns are a huge hit at our house.  They freeze well, and they are good hot or cold.  I just take cinnamon bun dough (it's pretty much bread dough), and add pizza sauce, grated mozzarella cheese, and usually pepperoni, but today chopped up summer sausage, then I roll them.

Roll it all up.
    I bake the pizza buns for the same time that I bake the cinnamon buns.  I really like the Company's Coming Cookbooks and used the "Bread" one for this recipe.  If anyone would like the recipe, I would be happy to share.

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