Tuesday, 28 February 2012

My Car Organizer...

Did you notice that I made no effort to clean the car?

    I may have mentioned a few million times, but we're going to Florida this March, in 24 days to be exact!  When we first booked it, it seemed like so far in the future, but now it is in hyper acceleration.  I have so much to get done, my head is spinning.  The trip is booked, the hotels are booked, some of the dining reservations are booked, the house sitter is booked, but there is sooooooooo much more to do.
    We are no strangers to long distance travel, in fact for the most part I enjoy it (minus the "are we there yets").  I actually am pretty together when it comes to planning for the long trips.  We are looking at a 24 hour actual time trip, so I really need to plan for this one!  Last night and this afternoon I sewed up 4 seat organizers.  I had the denim already and the other materials, so it made it easier.

I have the good fortune of owning a cutting board, rotary cutters and a plexiglas ruler.  Scissors would also to the trick.

I cut the denim into 24 inch long by 14 inch wide pieces.  This is pretty much the dimensions of our bucket seats and thankfully half a sheet of brisol board.
I cut the bottom pocket 12 inches by 12 inches.
The top pocket 12 inches by 6 inches.

I sewed the contrasting material wrong side to wrong side (how's that for excellent terminology)
I then turned the contrast material over onto the best side of the denim.  I sewed a half and inch seam at the top, rolled the bottom under and sewed the bottom of the contrasting material.

I found it easier to sew all of my contrasting materials onto the pockets before assembling.

I should add that I cut the top corners off of the denim to accommodate for the bucket seats.  I turned the denim edges under, then sewed the pockets on.  I made one large pocket on the bottom, and sewed across the middle of the top to create two pockets.

I did the yellow hearts material for the girls and cars flannelette for Rowan.  I did some small embellishments at the top of them.  I seem to be addicted to the rag tie so, I added it to the one above. For Rowan's I cut some flannelette into small pieces and sewed them across the top with a fancy button for embellishment.  To attach them to the seats, I turned the top down and created a small pocket to fit thick elastic through, I guess time will tell if that was a good idea or not, wish me luck.

Tomorrows blog.... the activity binders I am working on.


  1. You have done a great job on these,you make me very proud.

  2. This is a great idea! We just got a van, and though we don't have immediate travel plans, I've been thinking about making something like this. Your tutorial is nice and simple, thanks! :) Found you through Circle of Moms. :) http://www.raisingthebarrs.com

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