Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Spirit of Kindness

The Spirit of Kindness...
    At our school we celebrate a week of kindness.  It is something that my husband and I put into place in memory of our oldest son Gabriel.  The award is in it's seventh year.  Each year it has evolved.  In past years a challenge has been issued to the entire school to commit a "class act of kindness".  A class act of kindness is when an entire class works together to do a big act of kindness.
    This year my daughter Grace asked her teacher if their class could create care packages for children in the hospital.  Her teacher asked Grace to tell the class why she wanted to do this.  Grace told the class about the many surgeries she had on her leg, and how much it helped to take her mind off of her pain, when I had packed her a bag full of activities and new dvds that she had never seen, and some little new toys.  When she had finished telling the kids, there was excitement in the air.  The kids all made suggestions of things that they would like to receive in a hospital care package.
    Our family picked up some inexpensive items that kids would like, I sewed up a few tote bags to pack the items in.  I am really looking forward to finding out what kind of things the other kids bring in.  I am hoping that the other children are as excited as Gracie is.

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