Monday, 13 February 2012

Easy Peasy Home Made T-Shirts

Easy Peasy Homemade T-Shirts...
   Every year I buy the kids Valentines Day shirts from the store.  It adds up.  This year I was fretting because as I have a few million times mentioned we are going to Disney World/ Florida this March, and money is SUPER tight.  I decided to do the Canada Day stencil idea that I do for Canada Day every year.
 It is so super easy and honestly looks great.

                                   I used a floor tile, which you can buy at the dollar store.  
                                   I then traced the shape of a heart and cut it with scissors.

       Next I hot glued an old used ribbon bobbin onto the the bottom of the floor tile (paper side).

                         I then mixed together fabric medium and acrylic craft paint in the ratio
                                                that the fabric medium bottle suggested.

           I put a piece of cereal box in the T-shirt to prevent the paint bleeding to the back side.

                                        God help me, I let the kids each do their own shirt!
                        We painted the paint onto the heart, fairly thickly with a sponge brush.


Grace made patterns on hers with a Q-tip.

                               Then we centered the heart onto the T-shirt and pressed it down.

      Voila, Valentines T-shirts that were super fun to make, look great and cost sooooo much less!


  1. They shirts turned out real cute,once again good job.Proud of you

  2. oh Tristan how clever - i love this idea. thanks