Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Art Project That Nearly Caused Me To Have A Nervous Breakdown!

The art project that nearly caused me a nervous breakdown...

   So I had this great idea (famous last words).  I thought, wouldn't it look really neat if I took a picture of everyone's hand and spelled out the word "Family".  I practiced making the letters with my own hands to see if it could be done.  I could do it easily (other famous last words).  So I started the project.

 I put a piece of white construction paper on the Little Tykes easel, to act as a background.  That was the easy part.
      Then I took each kid and posed their hands.  Honestly you would have              thought that I was teaching them really complicated circus tricks.
Who knew it would be so difficult to get them to make such easy letters?
 It might have been a good idea to make sure that everyone's nails were clean and cut.
 Sadly only the baby co-operated (yes I know she's three, but she's the baby!).  She was easier to work with than her father, who it sadly turned out was the hardest to get to make his letter out of anyone.  I mean you would think an adult with two degrees would know how to make the letter "F".
This letter seems like it should have been the easiest one, but no.  I could make the letter easily, but then I had to rely on my husband to take the picture.

    The end result is that I actually quite like the way it looks.  I picked up dollar store fames (although nothing in the dollar store is actually a dollar.  The frames were $2.00 each).  Then I took my photo card to Walmart and got instant pictures made ($1.80).  I popped the pictures into the frame, and instant personalized art for under $10.00 (excluding taxes of coarse).

I should note that no children, or husbands were injured during the making of this art, although I came really close a few times.


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  2. Mary, I tried to read you comment, but accidently "removed" it, the worst part is that I'm sure it said something nice!