Thursday, 23 February 2012

An Ode To White Sauce (rue)

    I consider myself to be a kitchen wizard.  Not because of my mad culinary skills, and certainly not because of my housekeeping skills (or lack there of), no because I can make something out of nothing.  I was wondering what I could make for dinner last night.  I in my usual state of preparedness had left nothing out, and not given it a thought until 5:00.  As I was running through quick meal ideas.  I came up with fetticini alfredo or macaroni and cheese, both quick and always well received by the kids.
    It got me thinking about how many ways there are to use a white sauce or as the culinary community call it, rue.  All it is is 1/4 butter, 1/4 cup flour, two cups of milk, easy.  My mother would kill for it on anything, I myself not a big fan of plain "white sauce". (1) Add some dill, some pepper, you have delicious dill sauce for salmon.  (2) Add two cups of old cheddar cheese, cheese sauce.  (3) Saute onions in the butter before adding the flour, add some pepper, then add two cups of old cheddar cheese, boil some noodles, mac and cheese.  (4) Increase the amount of butter, add some cream instead of milk (or if you are one of those healthy people keep the butter and milk) add some parmesan cheese and a tablespoon of cream cheese there you have a simple yet delicious fetticini alfredo.  (5) Boil some broccoli or celery in chicken broth, drain and save some of the water, make your sauce, add some of the vegetable water, and there you have cream of broccoli or cream of celery soup. (6) If you are feeling adventurous, reduce the amount of milk and add some wine, pour it over chicken breasts.  The possibilities are endless!
    So there you have it, and ode to white sauce.  Please feel free to share your white sauce recipes, I'm always looking for something new.

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