Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Towel Wrap/ Fancy Flip Flops

Towel Wrap/ Matching Flip Flops...
    I may have mentioned a few hundred times that we are going to Disney / Florida, and I am trying to put things into place.  This week's project was a towel/ bathing suit cover and matching flip flops.  It was really easy to make and the kids are excited about it.
    I took an old towel and simply covered it in bright material that I already had.  If I can issue a word or warning, the towel stretches (who knew), and it was a bit of work getting them to match up.  I sewed velcro at the top to close it.  This was a really easy sewing project.  I then took scraps of the same material and cut them into strips (shades of the rag valentines wreath).  I tied them to some dollar store flip flops, and Bob's your uncle.
    I really like it because I like the kids covered up at the pool, and this does double duty.  I have two done and two to go.  By the time we leave on our trip, I am pretty sure that Disney / Florida are going to be dirty words.

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  1. I just might try to make one for myself,very smart and cute idea.Your model is a little beauty