Tuesday, 21 February 2012

One on One Easter Craft

Our afternoon one- on -one craft...
    This morning Elly and I went to the library and enjoyed story time, which also included a craft.  She LOVED it.  I never really think to do crafts with her.  I'm not sure why either, because I used to do crafts with all of the older kids.  I think it's because with Riley and Rowan there were two of them, and now that there is just one it hardly seems worth the effort (how's that for some great parenting).  After I saw how much she enjoyed the craft at the library, I decided to get off my lazy butt and do something fun with her.
   Today we decorated paper Easter eggs using the marble technique.  Being the together housekeeper that I am, I had no idea where any of the millions of marbles that we own might be.  Instead of marbles we used big wooden beads and some small beads (because that's what I could find).

I used three colours, and made sure that the beads were really covered in paint.

I cut construction paper into the shape of an egg.  I then taped it into a dollar store storage bin.

I was smart enough to keep a wet rag right beside Elly, but not smart enough to cover her clothes.  Luckily that t-shirt is getting too small.

She sprinkled glitter onto the wet paint.  I put some of the glitter into a salt shaker in the hopes that it would minimize the mess (it kind of worked?)

Elly loved shaking the container to make the beads roll.  She got a bit carried away a few times and the beads flew.  I had some paint clean up afterwards, but it was worth it, she loved it.
I guess we'll do more crafts.

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  1. She must enjoy her time with just you,it is good for her and you.Cute craft.