Thursday, 15 November 2012

Sweet Temptations Mitten Cookie Champain

    I may have mentioned what nice girls Guselle and Jodi are.  These two best friends own and operate Tweed's Sweet Temptations Bakery.  It is a treat to go into the bakery for more reasons than just the delicious treats that they offer (oh and delicious treats they offer, she says with drool running down her chin).  Jodi and Guselle are in fact part of the treat themselves.  It does not matter what time you go in to see them, they have big friendly smiles.  Jodi and Guselle are not just great pastry chiefs, but also really nice and generous.

    From November 13 until December 24,  Sweet Temptations will be making sugar cookies that are shaped like mittens.  These cookies cost $2.25 and they will donate $. 50 from each cookie to
Please Keep Me Warm This Winter.  If you may recall, Please Keep Me Warm This Winter is my charity.  We provide warm winter clothing at no cost and at no obligation to local children.

   One more reason to support local business, because local business supports locals.  It's a win win situation.  Want proof?  Try going to a big box store and ask them if they would like to support your charity.  After you have filled out a form, after waiting in line for half an hour, you will wait and see if you get that nickel.  Jodi and Guselle were excited to support a local charity.  If you need the proof of their excitement and support, just take a stroll past their window display... I rest my case.  Sweet Temptations is a bakery that does not offer your usual small town bakery treats (I mean they do, but they also offer cannoli, your average small town bakery does NOT offer cannoli).  You would think that with the amazing selection of decedent treats that they offer their prices would be inflated, but the prices are very reasonable.
   I went in yesterday to pick up my usual loaf of bread (where else can you purchase a loaf of bread that is sliced while you watch for $1.55).  While I was there I picked up a mitten cookie for Rowan  (our stubborn little Elly would have no part of it.  She insisted that she needed a peanut butter cookie.  When we got home and she saw Rowan's fancy cookie she had a change of heart.).  My plan was to get a great picture of him eating the cookie.  The problem was that he devoured that cookie to quickly for me to snap a picture.  
    If you are in the Tweed area it is worth a trip to see my girls.  They have an amazing selection of treats, and they are really nice!  If you go, try a sugar cookie, and support a great local charity (no bias here at all).

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