Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Held Hostage By Sick Kids.... Send HELP (I mean chocolate and Pina Coladas))

    I have been held captive, against my will by a nasty germ that has slowly and insidiously spread through my children.  Elly was the first to bring this germ home.  Ever since she started the snot factory/ germ warfare headquarters school, she has been sick at least once a week.  This germ seems to follow very carefully laid out rules.  I don't know what the bug is called, but I know it's rules, oh I know it's rules.  I should know the rules, because I have been held hostage against my will had sick kids for over two weeks now.

    Here is how it goes....
Day 1 -  "Mom my head hurts" followed shortly by "Mom my throat hurts".
Day 2 - They wake up with a fever that ranges from 103 to 104.  Shortly after that the vomiting starts.  I'm talking the Excorsist type of vomiting.  The vomiting where you wonder where it is all coming from.  Vomiting that usually misses the puke bucket.
Day 3 - They need help to get up to use the washroom because they are so light headed.  More vomiting, although not as much as day 2.  This is then followed by "Mom it feels like I swallowed razor blades".  Oh and the pin prick scarlet rash and a low 100 degree fever.
Day 4. -  Still a low grade fever.  Throat feels better, but still tender.  Still have the rash, but it's now does not look like I tried to boil them alive.  Feeling a lot better than they did (meaning that they felt like death).
Day 5 - Feeling better, but still weak.
The weird rash, but this picture does not do it justice.
    So are you jealous?  Elly started this beauty off.  She was on around day 6 when Rowan caught it.  Then Rowan was on around day 6 when Riley caught it (and still has it).  I figure two or three more days until Grace catches it.  I'm not sure if it's better or worse that they have caught it one kid at a time.  Some kids are a lot more demanding than others.
    I am afraid to open this months water bill and hydro bill.  The sound of retching and the washing machine have been the soundtrack to my life lately.  I go to sleep to the sound of the washing machine, and then am awake for a minute or so before I have to start it again.  There are a lot of "Mommy I puked in your bed", or "Mommy I puked in my bed".  There is a lot of puke.  I'm not so sure that I will ever get that smell out of my house!
    So wish me luck and pray for me that Christopher has already had this germ.  If not don't be surprised to see me on the evening news.  "This just in, a mild mannered housewife has just murdered her husband.  Neighbours say that they always suspected that she was just not quite right."  If I catch it first, you will read a more non- descript article in the news paper.  "Local woman has been found dead in her own vomit.  Sources say that the family only discovered her body because they were hungry and wondered where their favourite sweater was."

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