Friday, 9 November 2012

Lunch Lady Friday's #1

   As you may recall I made a vow to make lunches more interesting for my kids this year.  My plan had been to make at least one interesting lunch once a week, probably Fridays.  I found myself last fall becoming obsessed with Bento (obsessed might really be to strong of a word, interested in).  Bento lunches are so cute and so much fun.  I have not purchased any of the way cool but hard to come by in Canada, and expensive to order from the States Bento products (although when I grow up I totally plan to).  I have adapted everyday items from my house.  I use cookie cutters, and little toys and anything else I can get my hands on.
    A funny thing happened when I made the vow to make their lunches more interesting, wait for it, because it's weird.... I began to enjoy making lunches.  I actually had fun making their lunches.  I have fun thinking about what their faces will look like when they open their lunches, I know I have problems.  It really does not take very much more time to make than boring lunches, but it is no longer drudgery, it's art.
    I have decided in my infinite wisdom to make Fridays "Lunch Lady Fridays".  What that means is that I will brag about my favourite lunch that I made this week.  Hopefully you will be as inspired by my easy fun lunches as I am by the ladies who create the beautiful Bento blogs.

    For this lunch I used flat bread that I had picked up at Walmart.

I added pizza sauce.  Man my cookie sheet has seen better days.

I then was lazy because I happened to have a bag of shredded cheese in the fridge ( I would never buy this expensive product, but I received it in my Samplicous pack).  I topped it off for 3 out of the 4 with olives.  Three of the kids really like olives and they are pretty healthy.  Of coarse not all of the kids could ever possibly like all of the same things.  I need a giant book to keep track of who hates what.
I then stuck those little bad boys in the oven on broil. 
 I just wanted to melt my cheese and brown it up a little.

    While my pizza was cooling I made a batch of Jello.  For some added fun I sunk toys into the Jello.  Poor Christopher kept rolling his eyes and making weird faces at me.  I was absolutely charmed by myself.  I just kept letting out little giggles thinking about their faces when they saw the petrified creatures (maybe I should be on medication.  I think that Christopher would agree with this statement, but not to my face.  He's smart enough to not say it to my face).  I should add at this point that the little basta@#s did not even comment on their lunches.

    So everyone got a different toy.  I kept thinking that the ninja reminded me of Hans Solo in the Empire Strikes back when he gets frozen (once again I freely acknowledge that I am a bit touched in the head).
So this was the inaugural Lunch Lady Friday.  Let me know what you think.  Do you want me to have certain days of the week to discuss certain things, or do you like it all hodge podge?  Let me know.

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