Friday, 30 November 2012

Lunch Lady Friday - Gingerbread People Sandwiches

    Sorry for the long absence, but I'm back, problems hopefully resolved......
    Today's lunch for the kids was not woo woo.  Maybe that's the whole point.  It does not have to be bells and whistles every time, it's more about breaking up the monotony for them and for you the lunch maker.  You don't have to take an hour making radish roses, just making an effort should be enough.  Sometimes I question when I go all out if I'm doing it for them or for praise for myself.  I guess either way the kids win.

    Last night I did not have a lot of time to commit to the lunches, so I went with fun and simple.  I pulled down my giant bin of cookie cutters (that's a lie, I made Christopher get them down because they are on the top shelf and he's tall).  I decided on gingerbread men shape.  For Riley and Rowan I cut out two and a cheese Christmas Tree.  For Elly I went with one sandwich and used the silicone cupcake mold that I bought at the Dollar Tree to make Ritz Bits and cheese a little more fun.  All three got a fun little ring game (the teachers are just going to love me).

    For their junky snack I gave them each powdered doughnuts.  I found these neat little ziplock bags at the dollar store.  To add that extra fun I put snowflake cupcake picks in the top.  It's fun and it's easy.

    I try to include all of the food groups in their lunches.  I am not always successful, but I try.  I added applesauce.  To make it more fun (and possibly cause my children to choke) I added little candy Christmas Trees Sprinkles.  I don't know why, but those dollar store sprinkles just seem to make everything more fun.

    I was in Micheals the other day and spotted the neatest things.  It was little pads of paper with the Hangman game printed on them.  I just thought how much fun would it be to play that with a friend if you were done your lunch?  I put one sheet each in the big kids lunches.

     So there you have it, Friday lunches!  Fast and fun, and anything but boring.

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