Friday, 23 November 2012

Lunch Lady Fridays #3 - Ciabatta Tree

    Today's lunch selection is not really that difficult, but maybe that's the whole point.  This has been the week from Hell (o.k. maybe the last two have been).  I have had really sick kids this week.  They have had high fevers, vomiting, rash, and as if that is not good enough, followed by open sores (I just made you feel a whole lot better about your week didn't I).  It was a bit of a crap shoot to see who would be going to school on any day.  I have pretty much just been in survival mode.  I have been seriously considering running away from home.  As I sit here and write this you will be glad to know that I have three down, and one on the go (apart from Christopher and I).
    Basically what I am saying is that time has been at a premium this week.  Although time has been at a premium, the above lunch only took a few seconds more to make than a plain Jane sandwich.  I have been so busy running after sick kids, that the "well" kids have been a little neglected.  I don't for one second think that by turning their sandwich into a Christmas Tree it makes up for my lack of attention, but it reminds them that I still remember them, that although I can't take the same amount of time for them that I usually do, or would like to, they are still important.
    The theme for the lunch started on my trip to Costco.  I saw these 9 grain ciabatta buns.  They were triangle shape.  Healthy, and fun.  I had made a turkey on Monday, and had turkey meat left.  I chopped up the turkey, and some celery.  I then added a little salt and some mayo.  I discovered that adding a little stuffing to the mix gets me rave reviews.  I used my trusty tiny cookie cutter to cut out the angel, and then some little cheese scraps for the decorations.  It really didn't take much extra time.  I poured some strawberry yogurt into one of the lunch compartments.  Some dollar store Christmas tree sprinkles added some fun to the yogurt.  Although you don't see it in the picture, I also cut up an orange, yup that's right, all the food groups (do I get a prize for that).
    So that was today's Lunch Lady Friday.  I'm hoping that next week is a better week, but with four kids it's a snot crap shoot.


  1. It is so hard when your kids are sick. I hope they are feeling better and life is back to normal :) I love the christmas tree using ciabatta, what a cute idea!

  2. Thank you, my last one seems to be on the mend. I'm just crossing my fingers that my husband and I don't get it.