Saturday, 24 November 2012

My Sister and Trevor the Monkey

    My sister is kind of like a big kid, a big kid who has kids.  In other words she does fun things.  She does fun things that I wish that I had thought of.  One of those things is Trevor the Monkey.  I believe the story goes that she bought Trevor while out on a girls week-end.  Her friends all thought that she was nuts (they were correct), and wondered what on earth a grown woman needed a tiny plastic monkey for.  She decided to prove them wrong.

    Trevor the Monkey goes on all of Mandy's family trips.  Every vacation there is a pose that features Trevor.  It's almost like an eye spy game looking through through her pictures... "Where's Trevor?"  Trevor the Monkey is more traveled than many people that I know.  Trevor has been to Mexico, Florida, He's been to Newfoundland, and all of the provinces in between.  
    I can only imagine the look on my brother-in-law, Spooner's face as Mandy pulls out Trevor (does he travel in her pocket or purse?)  I can only imagine the face's of the people that she poses Trevor with when she asks.  I wonder when Mandy is packing for their trips if she's thinking... "O.K. we'll need 5 pairs of underwear each, 5 pairs of socks, two pair of pants, oh, I need sunscreen and bathing suits.... Oh I almost forgot to pack Trevor".
    At the end of the day I think Mandy should write a book "Trevor's Travels".  It could feature the many poses of Trevor the Monkey, on his many travels.  I just wish that I'd thought of that one.

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