Sunday, 4 November 2012

Local Craft Sale Season

Glenda Fleiler and Jennifer Broek
(Rustic Creations are Jennifer's creations)

    This is the week end for craft sales, at least in my neck of the woods.  I get so excited to visit all of the craft sales.  I am always in awe of their amazing talents (and some of them I am amazed that they are not too embarrassed to be showing the junk that they are showing.  I walk around gasping with excitement, and usually come home laden with crafts, and ideas I'm going to steal for my own crafts.
    A few years ago when I went to my local craft shows they were bursting at the seams.  The buildings were  wall to wall vendors.  There were so many beautiful things.  I have noticed a trend in the last few years when I go to craft sales.  There are not nearly as many vendors as there were.  Some of the really big, and my favourite sales no longer exist.  I don't understand.  Are people not buying crafts or are people no longer making crafts?  I think it may be a little of both.  It has become very expensive to craft lately.  I went to my local material store this October to purchase material to make Halloween costumes.  I threw up in my mouth a little at the prices.  When Gabe was little I made a lot of his clothes because it was cheaper to make it than to buy it.  That is no longer the case.  So often now big corporations (that includes those not in the manufacturing business... BELL) shop their manufacturing out to third world / developing companies.  The items that we enjoy are made by people who are working / living in deplorable conditions.  Some companies employ children.  We get cheap goods, but at what price?  Often our goods are not cheaper.  Look at Bell Canada (although not a manufacturer).  Try calling Bell for help, you will most likely be transferred to an Indian call centre.  Bell is saving money in wages by hiring people in another country, but as Canadian consumers those savings are not passed along to us.  Our bill keeps going up and up.  The company sees profits, and our country has it's jobs leave the country.  I feel better getting that off of my chest... now back to craft shows.

    The local craft shows are filled with local crafters.  It's my neighbours selling their goods.  They make beautiful things for me to buy, and to be inspired by.  There is satisfaction knowing where my decorations were made.  There is pride in giving those locally made hand crafted items as gifts.  I am doing good for myself and good for my community.  The other really nice thing about purchasing items from a craft sale is that usually it directly helps my community.  Many times it is a school or charity that has craft sales.  They sell space to vendors for money that then goes to help that school / charity.  Oh it's so win win.

    The pictures featured in today's blog were taken at the St. Carthagh's Catholic School craft show.  My children do not attend this school, but I do love craft sales.  The crafted items featured in the pictures are the work of Jennifer Broek.  Jennifer's business is called Rustic Restoration.  I knew that she did beautiful furniture restoration and stressing, but until today I did not realize what other beautiful work she did. She made all of those stunning wreaths and swags.  If you want more information about those items you can call Jennifer directly or email her at

    I am hoping that I have inspired you to go out and support your local craft sales.  Make a girls day of it.  You'll have a great day, and keep your money in your community!


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