Thursday, 29 March 2012

Our Not So Awesome Adventure At Univeral Studios

    Sorry for the delay, I had a heck of a time finding a wi fi connection at our hotel, but I have now, and here we go.  So when I last wrote we had a wonderful time in Georgia and were headed into Orlando.  We stayed at the Four Season's at the Universal gates.  The hotel was wonderful, and we thought that we were off to a flying start.  That was until the next day when we entered Universal.
    I hate crowds.  If I were a billionare, I would just rent a whole amusement park for myself, but alas, we are poor folk, and had to endure the stinking crowds.  So we entered Univeral Studios Islands of Adventure Park.  It looked great.  As we got futher into the park, the crowds got thicker and thicker. The sole reason for our visiting Universal was to see The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  I mentioned before that we are huge Harry Potter fans.  How could we go to Orlando, but not go?  I was going to try Butter Beer, and Pumpkin Juice.  I was going to explore Hogworts, it was going to be awesome.  At no point when I was planning out how awesome The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was going to be, at no point did I ever fantasize about people elbowing me in the throat.  There was no room to even breath.  People had no respect and were pushing the kids.  I thought that I would loose my mind.  I could enjoy nothing!  The line to buy Butter Beer was an hour long.  In the end I could not take the heat, could not take the crowds, nor the complete lack of humanity.  We had to leave that part of the park.
    We took the kids to the Dr. Seuss park.  They had fun, but my feet hurt, and I was cranky, and I was ready to go (I sound like one of my kids).  After I had endured the Lorax retelling by a crazing sounding old woman, I asked Christopher if he thought we had our money's worth of the park.  He had that crazed look in his eyes that mirrored my own, "Oh I think we can leave".
    We set off for the car.  Someone had parked so close to the back of the van that there was no way we could open the back hatch.  For that matter I am surprised that their license plate was not imprinted into our back bumper.  I packed the kids into the van and let Christopher put the stroller in the car.  We got half way out of the parking garage when I asked Christopher if he had packed the stroller.  He then replied, "No, I thought you had."  I then checked to count the kids and make sure that we had not forgotten one of them.  So he walked off to get the stroller because we could not figure out how to retrace our steps in the car.  Off my exhausted husband trucked, returning with at red face and a stroller.  The stroller was whipped into the already full to the brim hatch.  Off we drove.  "Where are my sunglasses?" Christopher asked.  I had no idea.  He stopped the car, put his hand on the roof, took his glasses off the roof and drove off.  That was the kind of day it was!
    Moral of the story, Universal Studios, is not for us.  It's more of a teenagers park.  I guess if there's an upside to this story.... hmmmm let me get back to you on that one.

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