Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Happy Birthday To ME!

    This is what I saw when I walked into my living room this morning.  I think my sweetheart of a husband must have stayed up until 2:00 a.m. doing this.  I did a little stumble back when I saw it.  When you see something like this, you can't help but to feel loved.  It reminds me just how very blessed I am.  I always know that I am blessed, but sometimes I forget "just" how very blessed I am.

Rowan had left is DS open on my chair, and this is what it said.

    As you may have guessed, birthdays are a big deal at our house.  Who am I kidding, everything is a big deal at our house.  When someone has a birthday, it becomes like a holiday.  It is nice to be on the receiving end of it.
    Here's the thing about my birthday, I forgot that it was my birthday.  As a kid I had it counted down to the minutes.  When anyone asked my age, I would tell them in months and sometimes even into the minutes.  Now, it's not really a big deal.  I do not dread it, it doesn't matter because I'm going to gain that year whether I like it or not.  Like so many things in my life, it simply is.  The kids were amazed yesterday when they were talking about my birthday and I told them that I had forgotten it.  "How could you forget your own birthday?"  They asked with disgust.  I would never forget anyone else's birthday because it involves work for me, I have to keep things organized.  I have been so busy this week with other commitments that it just slipped my mind, precisely because I did not have to anything to prepare for my own birthday, I just had to wake up.
    So to sum this all up, I have not received any physical gifts yet today, but the best and biggest gift was the gift of love ( I know I sound sappy and your are holding back a mouth barf right now).  I make it my job to make sure that everyone in my family is well cared for.  I do extra little things for them to remind them of my love.  I am not going to be humble on this one, I work really hard at being a mom (and a I work a bit at being a good wife).  I really put my back into it, so to speak.  When I wake up and have a big fuss made over me, it tells me that they notice my sacrifice.  I hope that you are all good and jealous!

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