Friday, 16 March 2012

The Boulevard Cinema

  Today is the last day of March Break.  It has, as always gone too quickly.  It's been busy.  The kid's had friends over, Grace had band camp for a few days, Riley and I headed into Toronto to visit Sick Kid's, a busy week.  Today is the last day.  Today we are going to the movies to see The Lorax.
   Normally if we went to a Cinneplex it would cost us $57.46 for myself and the 4 kids, this does not include the at least $30 .00 at the concession stand.  We have discovered a jewel in the rough.  There is town about 45 minutes from here called Napanee.  In Napanee there is a little movie theatre called 
 "The Boulevard Cinema".  It is not high tech, it is not flashy, or new.  The seats are old school, and a little well loved (that's the nice way of saying ratty).  But the price is sooo right.  The price is $6.00 a person, so I can take my 4 kids to the show for $30.00, and about $15.00 for the concession.  At that price I can afford to take the kids out.  They even have $4.00 Tuesdays which are even better.
   Today we are meeting up with friends.  It is a great way to end the March Break.  We have done this lots of times on PA days and on March break.  We meet up with a large group of friends and their moms. The kids all sit with their friends, and the Mom's sit in the row behind them, and quietly catch up (we whisper .. I swear).  It is the best of all worlds.  Most times we take up one or two rows.  We have a great time, and we don't have to mortgage the house, win win.

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