Thursday, 29 March 2012

Day One of Disney - The Magic Kingdom

    All of the months of scrimping and saving and planning and counting down were here.  Day one of our Disney vacaction was here at last.  We arrived Monday night to our hotel at the Disney All Star Music Resort.  Let me just say that Disney is like it's own city.  I have never seen anything quite like it.  They have their own transportation system for heaven's sake!  This place is HUGE!!!!!  Of course we got lost several times and asked for directions from at least three park staff before we found our hotel.
    The resort is amazing.  Our room is like a little apartment.  The kids were so excited.  There were all kinds of neat little touches.  The kid's let out a squeal when they saw the Mickey head made from towels on the bed.
    We began our day on Tueday morning by heading to the food court.  I felt pretty spoiled just telling someone what I would like for breakfast.  I had nothing to do.  No cooking, no cleaning, just ordering.

    We boarded our bus outside the resort and headed for the Magic Kingdom.  The crowds were horrendous.  Who knew when we booked our vacation all of those months ago that we were booking at the time when many of the states have their spring break.  I had that sinking feeling of deja vu, were we going to have a repeat of the day before?  We had spent so much money, and now we would be unable to enjoy any of this.  I got more and more irritated as the day went on.  It was two hour waits t o go on the rides.  You had to push to make your way everywhere.  I was hot, my feet hurt, I was not happy.  I decided then and there to just endure it, and pretend that I did not want to take a flame thrower to everyone that got in my way.
    We decided to find a spot early and watch the Main Street Parade.  At least I could find somewhere to sit and rest my feet.  It took forever for the parade to get to us.  How much more of this could I take?  Then the parade started.  A funny thing happened when the parade started, my heart got ten times larger.  I felt like the Grinch when he discovered Christmas.  I looked at my kids.  Their little faces were alive with pure joy.  I looked over and saw Gracie, she had her hand out to shake hands wit hthe characters as they passed her.  She is entering that age soon where she will be too cool to embrace joy.  I looked at little Elly perched on her daddy shoulders waving her little hand off to everyone who passed.  Riley and Rowan's face's showed that wonder.  How could I have been so selfish?  So what if it was crowded, this was the Magic Kingdom.  I think that it might truly be magic.

    After the parade I left my bad attitude on Main Street.  I enjoyed myself.  I saw the world through my children's eyes, and then cried a little.  In the end they are only little for the blink of an eye.  They will remember this vacation for the rest of their lives.  Every single penny we had to save away for this vacation was worth it.

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  1. I am so happy that you are all having such a good time.This will be a great memory for you as well as the kids.You will carry this to the end,I wish we could have taken you and your sister there when you were both little.But now you have seen it,and had the joy of watching your own childrens little faces