Monday, 19 March 2012

The Akropolis And The Lost Art Of Hospitality

       Last week Riley asked me a very insightful question.  She asked me "why are people so nice to us every where we go?  They all smile at us."  I was a little taken off guard by this question.  Being the nerd that I am I answered her truthfully, but this was a teachable moment.  "People treat us nicely and smile at us because we are polite, and nice to them.  When you treat people the way that you would like to be treated, they usually do the same."  She was satisfied with my answer and ran off to play.  It amazed me how insightful this little 7 year old girl was.  I mention this story because it really rang true again for me today.
   Today I had a doctor's appointment with a specialist regarding my nose that Elly broke two years ago.  I climbed into the van and told Christopher how nice and how pleasant and my doctor was.  It felt like I was in better hands with a nice doctor.  I left the office feeling prepared for my surgery in May, and like all of my questions had been answered to my satisfaction.
    My doctor's office is on Coxwell Avenue in Toronto.  This is very close to Danforth Avenue.  Christopher informed me that this area of Toronto was called "Greek-town".  Indeed many of the signs had english and greek writing.  "I would love some baklava, what do you think?" he asked me.  We were childless and had the whole afternoon so I said "lets".  We parked the car and walked hand in hand up the street.  It felt like we were dating again.  The day was unseasonably warm and beautiful and we were in the City that I love to visit.
    We looked in windows, and debated where we should eat lunch.  We walked past this adorable little bakery and I told Christopher that we need to stop there on our way back to the car to grab our baklava.    We then walked past the cutest little kitchen store.  We went in to explore.  There were the most amazing gadgets, and gizmos.  Christopher asked the woman at the cash if she could recommend a good Greek restaurant to eat.  She recommended the little bakery we had just passed.
    As we walked in the restaurant/ bakery I could not believe how adorable it was.  We pressed our faces to the glass and tried to decide what to try.  So we asked the young man behind the counter what he would recommend.  He gave us a few suggestions.  He was so friendly and helpful.  We decided on spinach pie and greek salad.  Oh my goodness it was sooooooo good.  If we had not been out in public I think I would have groaned while eating it (o.k. I may have groaned a little).  We came to find out that this bakery/ restaurant was owned by the nicest Greek family.  The mom and he son came to ask us how our meal was.  We could not say enough positive words.  I just sat through my whole meal smiling.  It felt like we were in our family's home (only much much quieter).  As  I slid the rest of my spinach pie that I could not finish onto my husband's plate, I declared that I could not possibly eat another bite.  Had I been struck dead at that second, I would have died a happy woman!  As we were just conferring as to how full we each were, the nice son came to our table to ask if had room for dessert.  We both let out a moan, and told him we could not eat one more bit, but would indeed be purchasing baklava to take home.  He disappeared for a minute and then came back with a bowl full of these tasty little pastry bites that looked a little like Tim Bits.  When we bit into them an explosion of sweetness happened in our mouthes.
    We then waddled up to the front to pay.  We stood like kids in a candy store picking out our treats to take home.  It was like putting together our christmas wish lists.  The nice young man kept giving us more things to try.  We paid for our purchase and assured the nice family that we WOULD BE BACK.  We happily waddled to the car singing the praises of "Akropolis".  "You just don't get service like that anywhere!" we both exclaimed.  "I want to tell everyone I know that they have to go there."  On and on we talked.  We climbed into the van.  Before he started the car, Christopher suggested that I should blog about that amazing restaurant.  I thought he was a genius.  I would need a picture for my blog.  I took a pictures of the outside of the restaurant.  I then went in and asked if it would be alright if I took their pictures and posted them on my blog.  They were very agreeable.  They might very well be the nicest family I have ever met!  They invited me behind the counter to watch the\ mom make authentic Greek coffee, and to take any pictures that I would like, all the while offering me more food.

The nice Mom making authentic Greek Coffee (I will be trying this the next time).

The nice son warming up a spinach pie.

Father and Son.

    If you find yourself downtown Toronto near Danforth Avenue, you need to go the Akropolis at 708 Danforth Avenue.  You will have the best food with the nicest hosts.  I guess that it just goes back to the golden rule, "treat others the way that you would like to be treated!"

This picture does not do the food justice.

Read tomorrow's blog for more of our Toronto adventure...

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