Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Canada Blooms - aka My New Wish List

    As I shared yesterday (and the day before) my wonderful husband whisked me off to the Royal York and to Canada Blooms Sunday.  I LOVE Canada Blooms.  I walk around and wistfully dream of having that for my garden.  We have been once before, I think two years ago when it was at the convention centre  I think.  It was in two separate spaces.  One space had the landscaped gardens.  I am not sure how it is that the landscape artists can pull this together in such a short time.  I can't even pull something small together in my yard in the entire summer.  The other separate space was a market.  There were hundred of vendors.  It was like eye candy.

    This year Canada Blooms was held at the Direct Energy Centre at The Exhibition Place downtown.  They combined it with the National Home Show, so that you got two shows for one price.  I thought this was marvelous until I went.  I was so disappointed in this year's show.  Granted some of that was because it was so very busy.  This one poor woman was pushing an elderly woman in a wheelchair.  She tried to push this elderly lady, but no one would move, everyone kept refilling the space where other's had just been.  I know this because I stood to the side to let them pass, and was shocked at people's complete rudeness.  By the time the poor woman was able to push the wheelchair through she was so harassed that you know she would be hard pressed to enjoy the rest of the show.  I was so glad that it was just Christopher and I, and not only because it was alone time.  I cannot imagine trying to walk the children around that space with such terrible people.  In crowd like that someone inevitably hits one of my children in the face with their huge purse, and does not even stop to notice.  The other thing that I did not like was the Canada Blooms part was a hodge podge.  The show gardens were all mingled in with the vendors.  I do not like this flow!  Having said all of this criticism, I did find some beautiful gardens to fantasize about.

    I believe the star plant of the show was the Medinilla from the Philippines.  It was absolutely beautiful.  Every second person you saw was carrying one.  I was disappointed that for all of it's beauty it had not smell.  As beautiful as it is, I know that this is not the plant for me.  It's a tropical plant, which means that when I leave it out and the frost gets it (which inevitably it will), it will die.  I can barely keep hardy plants alive, never mind something that might be sensitive.

    This Canada flag garden really caught my attention.  Here is the back story to it...
Every summer the Belleville Garden Club (I'm sorry if any of you are a part of this group and I have screwed up the name of your group), plant a huge Canada flag garden on the big hill that faces the 401.  Growing up, every time I would pass that garden I would beg mom and dad to plant a Canada flag garden on our big hill.  That never happened.  I then vowed to my 10 year old self that when I grew up I would plant myself a Canada flag garden.  That 10 year old former self tapped me on the shoulder at Canada Blooms and reminded me of that promise.  Christopher and I turned to each other and wondered if we could pull it off.  We do really love Canada Day...

    This garden inspired me.  I saw it and could only think of the wonderful possibilities.  I could grow this on my deck.  For salads I would just have to go onto the deck and pick the ingredients.  I'm not sure if Christopher knows about his building plans this summer yet.

    I loved this water feature.  It is so whimsical.  This I would install under my beloved Manitoba Maple in the back yard.  I think I would also include the adorable lighted trees that were in this garden.  Maybe this fantasy will have to wait until I am a rich grown up, I looked at the price.

    This garden inspires me to think of what could be.  My back yard could really use some sprucing up...   That is the beauty of Canada Blooms.  It inspires you.  No it is not as good as the last time we went, but it was still good.  If you find yourself downtown Toronto with a couple of hours to spare the show runs from March 16 - March 25.  There really are lots of beautiful gardens to inspire you and make you dream about the summer, the weather is already doing it's part for the fantasy.

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