Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Great Underwear Fiasco of 2012

    One more day until we leave for Florida.  With the way I've been talking about it, you would think that I would have had everything all packed and ready to go... silly you.  I am the procrastination Queen.  Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?  This motto bites me in the butt every time.  A smart person would learn, but I am apparently not that smart.  As I type this I have a laundry basket on my bed, and an empty suitcase ready to be filled.  I have to separate everyone's clothes into piles, make sure that everyone has full outfits.  I have added a new check to my check list.  This new check comes about because of the week-end's underwear fiasco.
    We were to leave last Sunday morning for our trip to Toronto.  Saturday night Christopher asked me if I had packed everyone's bags.  "Oh I'll just throw it together tomorrow morning, it's just one night."  He gave me that "that's a big mistake, but I'm too afraid you will bite my head off if I suggest your mistake" look.  True to my word I got up super early Sunday and packed three bags, one for us, one for the big kids and one for Elly.  We were on the road by 10:00 a.m. as planned.  I secretly congratulated myself on a job well done.  We dropped Elly at Nana and Popa's in Tweed, Grace, Riley and Rowan at Grandma's in Acton, and headed to the Royal York.  We had just come back from Canada Blooms, and were lying on the bed watching t.v., enjoying doing nothing.  Christopher turned to me and said "You know hon, I have to hand it to you, you really had it together.  When you told me that you weren't going to pack Saturday night I thought it was a mistake, but good for you, you did it".  The words were barely out of his mouth when Christopher received a text from Grace (who knew you could send a text from an ipod).  "Did you know that mom packed Riley four pair of underpants and me none?  One of Riley's pair of underpants are dirty."  We laughed and laughed.  " I guess I spoke to soon!" he laughed.  I gave him a smack and we laughed again.
    That night I called to check in with the kids.  I called Mom and Dad's first.  "Did you know that you forgot to pack Elly underpants, or pull-ups?" my mother asked.  At this point I shook my head and peeled into hysterical laughter.  I then shared the first underpants story with mom.  When Christopher called his mom, each of the kids on their turn to talk told Christopher how mommy had packed Riley 4 pair of underpants and Grace none.
    The next morning I got up and showered.  I then pulled out my clean clothes for the next day, only to discover I had packed Grace's underpants in my bag, and none for myself.  Again, peels of laughter.  I took quite a bit of good natured ribbing from my husband for most of the day.  When we picked the kids up and were in the van on the way home the kids again brought up the fact that I had packed Riley four pair of underpants and Grace none.  I then told Grace that she was mistaken, I had packed her underpants, I had packed them in my own bag.  More laughter.  After that a small voice from the back, "Hey Mom, I'm commando, you didn't pack me any underwear either." shouted up Rowan.  I was 2 out of 6 on the underwear.

    So today when I mentioned to Christopher that I planned to pack tonight, Grace said
"Hey Dad, you might want to double check that Mom packs us all underwear."  Nice real nice.

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  1. Good story Tris you forgot to mention not only did you forget to send Elly underwear and pullups ,you did not send her top and pants that matched.To my surprise when I was checking once again to make sure there were no pull ups,I took out the top you sent and thought it was cute and very big it was size 8 one of Rileys.PLease pack for the kids early and check like