Thursday, 9 August 2012

The end of the Stirling trips...

    So here we are, one more trip to Stirling and then it's all done.  The summer that was all about Grace is winding to a close.  As I write this, Gracie is performing her second to last performance.  Tonight at 7 pm is the last time that Grace will be performing in Munsch Tales.  I have spent dozens of hours behind the wheel of my car, and hundreds of dollars on gas to transport her, and today is the last day.  It has been quite a journey.
    We have gone from practising lines for her audition to practising lines for her play.  We have helped her learn her solo debut of "Life is a Highway".  We have seen our little girl perform in a professional theatre production, and I am pretty sure that this acting bug has bitten quite deeply.  Yesterday's show was 4 tickets short of a full house.  My little girl is pulling in sold out shows!  There were buses parked outside of the theatre, buses full of children come to see my child (o.k. not just my child).  Yesterday afternoon I sat by myself, surrounded by strangers.  It was a really neat experience.  I got to see the performance, not through the tainted eyes of a loving mother, but through the paying eyes of an audience.  I heard the children around me explode with laughter at all of the right spots.  I sat in tears as the audience without provocation began to clap along to "Life is a Highway", and then when Gracie had finished, the audience exploded into deafening applause.  They did not know Grace, they were just rewarding an exceptional artist, an artist that I just happened to give birth to.  I sat with a stupid grin when I heard the people behind me, who did not know I was anyone's mother, talking about what a talented singer that little girl on stage was.  That experience more than made up for the dozens of hours behind the wheel and the hundreds of dollars in gas!

    In just a few hours the curtain will fall on this production.  In just a few hours Grace and her cast mates will be enjoying their well deserved cast party.  I said in the beginning what an amazing opportunity this was for Grace, but I don't know if I grasped just how much of an amazing opportunity it would be.

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