Monday, 13 August 2012

The Best Fries I Have Ever In My Entire Life Eaten - Mankatos

    Sunday afternoon we took the kid's to the Roseneath Carousel.  They loved it.  We then decided to go to the Alderville First Nation.  Years ago when there was a Rural Ramble, we had gone through.  There was a really neat tee pee that the kids could go into.  I thought we were so close, we should go and see what there was to see.  We went into a few gift shops and an art gallery.  We saw some really nice pieces of art.  We decided to head home, but everyone was starving.  We kept our eyes peeled for somewhere to stop and grab a snack.

    Almost at the same time Christopher and I both called out that we saw a chip truck.  Now I am funny about chip trucks and hot dog stands.  Just ask Christopher some time about my opinion about hot dog stands (I'll give you a hint, they have no running water).  This chip stand was immaculate.  I gave it my blessing, and so we went to take a peek at the menu.

Does you chip truck offer this kind of selection?
    Now your average chip stand has chips, and hot dogs and hamburgers.  Some of the better ones offer ice-cream.  We were blown away when we looked at the menu.  It was all items that you could order at the fair, only cooked by ladies who were spotlessly clean and not covered in tattoos.  Christopher literally had a river of drool dripping down his chin.  After much debate we decided upon just plain old chips, or so we thought.  I was impressed to hear the clatter of a chip cutter (that meant that these fries / chips were not frozen, but real fresh potatoes).
    When the chips arrived, they looked glorious.  You could tell before the first bite that they had the perfect amount of crispness, without being greasy.  My eyes did not deceive me.  They were flavoured with a type of spice, oh mama.  I do not like spicy food (neither does my stomach), but these had just a hint, did I mention .... Oh Mama!  I have never in my entire life tasted chips as good as these.  We were groaning while we ate.

    When we had finished our order of fries (which by the way were really inexpensive), we decided to try some dessert.  What a selection!  Riley, Rowan and I settled on deep fried Mars Bars... OH MAMA!  They were served between whipped cream and chocolate drizzle.  It was like heaven on a stick.  Elly decided on cotton candy.  Did I mention that they actually made the cotton candy while we waited?

    As we finished up, Christopher and I decided that we needed to come back.  My parents are chip truck junkies.  They make it their goal in life to hit every chip truck that they see.  Christopher suggested that we needed to introduce Mom and Dad to this chip truck, and the only fair thing would be to drive them here.  He then suggested that instead of going to Linguini's our favourite local Italian restaurant for our anniversary, maybe we could drive to the chip truck.  I love Linguini's it is a once a year treat that I look forward to, but I found myself considering the Mankatos Chip Truck instead.

    So now we are fantasizing about another trip to that chip truck.  I think that we should try everything on their menu.  I've decided to make it my life's goal to order every item on their menu (well maybe not all at once, that is a bit piggy).

Look at all of those toppings.

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  1. Kate(MANKATOS CHIP TRUCK AND FAIR FOODS)13 August 2012 at 09:07

    WOW!!!!! And THANK YOU!!!!!! We here at MANKATOS would like to thank you for giving our Chip Truck a try. As well as taking the time to take pictures AND write such fantastic things about us. We really appreciate your kind words and positive support. Being parents ourselves, we wanted to create a place where families could come to eat, without having to leave an appendage as payment for the food. We also wanted to prove... that great food, doesn't HAVE to cost a fortune. And that cleanliness and customer service CAN be achieved even AT a Chip Truck. We enjoyed your visit with us yesterday and were glad to get your feedback. I had to ask Maria(the lady who took your order) what a "BLOG' was. As i've never read one before. Now that I have had the pleasure of reading yours, I'm thinking of doing one myself. We look forward to you coming out again to see us. You'll have to give our loaded fries a try. They are our best seller. MANKATOS has the BEST customers in the area and we appreciate them all. Glad you and your family are now part of them. Would you mind if I put the link to your blog on our page for others to read? And thank you AGAIN for your support. Kathie (the one handing out cotton candy)