Saturday, 25 August 2012

Art In The Park

    Our Riley is a good little artist.  Her art work is selected out of her class every year to be displayed in our local gallery.  The art work is displayed at our heritage centre / gallery, and then is displayed at our village's "Art in the Park" the second last week-end in August.  Art in the Park is a really neat concept.

    Local artists (Tweed and area have a surprisingly large number of artists of all different genres)  display their art work, in the park.  It's an annual thing, and it occurs the second last week-end in August.  The weather is usually warm, and it's nice to stroll around our nice little park and look at the work of people who are so much more talented than myself.  It's also an excellent opportunity for the kids to see a variety of different art forms in one place.  It's also really nice because there is a separate area the showcases the local school's art.  By picking these children out, they are being encouraged to create more art.  Perhaps by encouraging them, one of them may very well grow up to be a famous artist.

    The first thing that we did when we arrived was to go straight away and look at Riley's art.  After we had enjoyed the school art, we then went out to look at all of the rest of the diverse artists.


    The first art display that we came upon was the work of Doug Davis.  He is a wood turner and carver.  It is hard to believe that such beautiful pieces came from the lowly tree.  It is amazing to see what can be carved and even just discovered in a piece of wood.  Doug Davis is from Tweed.  You can contact him at 613-478-3529, or by email

    Another artist that really stood out to us was, Terry Cowan from Napean.  He has done the most gorgeous paintings.  The picture below I had to look up close to realize that it was not a photograph, but had been painted.  I am always jealous of people with that kind of talent.  It must be amazing to have a concept in your head, and be able to translate it to canvas.  For me I am very creative up top, but it does not translate to my hands.  My art work could easily be mistaken for that of my children.

    The kids took the most enjoyment from Terry's wildlife art.  Elly insisted that I take a picture of the chipmunk driving the tractor.  She just sat in her daddy's arms giggling as she looked at it.


    One of the really nice thing about Art in the Park is that every year they have a children's table set up.  The children have their choice of activities.  This year's choices were painting, painting an ornament, decorating a painting hat, or making a pin wheel.  I think we all know that my kid's picked the messiest projects.

    It was neat to watch Elly so painstakingly paint her little fish.  She was so proud of it.

Riley of course decided to paint a picture.

       Today was a great outing.  The cost was right (free).  The weather co-operated, and there were lots of beautiful things to see.  I really enjoyed seeing Riley's pride as she showed us her art.  We did the appropriate amount of ewwwng and awwwing.  Elly even told Riley how nice her picture was.  It's nice to be able to showcase Riley's talents.

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