Saturday, 11 August 2012

Riley's Fairies

    Last week Riley watched "Fairy Tale".  We have seen it before, it is one of my favourite stories.  It's the story of the two little girls in 1917 who took pictures of fairies in their garden.  It is a truly beautiful story, and I highly recommend it.  As I say we've seen it a few times (we own it, that and The Secret Garden).  In the past viewing Riley enjoyed it.  This time it stirred something in her.

    Riley has become obsessed with fairies.  She will come and tell us information about fairies that she has researched online.  "Did you know that there is fairy butter?  Did you know that fairies like to drink milk?  Did you know that fairies like to eat berries that are poison to us?"  Every day we hear more facts about the fairies, it's nice.

    Every morning Riley races out to the backyard to see if there has been any fairy activity.  She has been leaving them food.  She came tearing in yesterday "They ate the cake I left them!"  She leaves them notes.

    Riley has been harassing me daily to help her make fairy furniture.  Today was the day, I made good on it.  Riley and Elly and I gathered sticks in the yard, and found some birch bark that had come off of our tree in  the front yard.  Using my trusty glue gun I made a tiny chair and a matching table using the twigs and sticks.  The girls were delighted (I have a few angry burns on my fingers to prove that I'm a good Mom).  

    When I had finished my glue gun magic on the twig chair and table, Riley clapped her hands and squealed in delight.  "Oh Mommy they will love it!"  She was so happy, it made me feel really good that she was so pleased.  I then found a birdhouse that my Uncle Johnny had made for me before he passed way.  That bird house has seen a few incarnations.  After Uncle Johnny first passed way I painted the birdhouse and made it into a lamp for the then infant Gracie.  She had a little bit of Uncle Johnny with her.  Recently I deconstucted it, and it just sat looking shabby.  It's latest incarnation is a fairy house.  Using my glue gun, I glued sticks around the outside, and birch bark onto the front.  Is it beautiful?  Not really, but Riley is so delighted.  I guess she is getting the gift of Uncle Johnny too.

    I guess we all need a little excitment, a little magic.  It's nice to beleive in something we can't see with our eyes.  We can't see love, but yet it exists....

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