Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Last Camp Out

    Summer is unfortunately winding down.  It makes me sad to have to go back to the school routine, to only seeing my babies for a few hours a day.  We are running out of summer, running out of time.  Gracie goes in for surgery on her leg on Thursday, we are really running out of time.  

    Christopher is on his last week of holidays this week.  Tonight he asked me what I thought about him having one last camp out in the back yard with the kids.  What do I think of a whole night to myself, a whole night he has to deal with putting the kids to bed.... I think AWESOME!  It's a win win.  The kids are having a blast, I am having a blast!  I can think of a few girlie movies I might enjoy watching.

The kids looked out a huge stack of games, including Mad Libs.

   This is what summer is all about, spending time with the kids.  Christopher works crazy hours, there are times that I feel like a single mother.  There are times when the kids hardly see their daddy.  I know that I sound like a broken record, but the kids are only little for just a little while.  We want to make memories.  I like to think that when the kids are adults they will all sit around and reminisce about the fun we had in the summers, for that matter all year long.  I want them to smile when they talk about their childhoods.

    Tonight, after they had all gone out to the tent, I made chocolate chip cookies.  They were all gooey and warm, crunchy on the outside, soft in them middle.  I also made hot chocolates, and then packed everything into a basket.  For a minute or two I was mother of the year.  It's a cool summer night tonight, and the warm snacks were a BIG hit.
    Will tonight's camp out be the stuff of memories?  I sure hope so, but only time will tell.  The backyard camp out does not cost a penny, and yet I have to think that it will be worth more than money could buy.  I guess all we can do is try to make their childhood memorable.

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  1. I remember those desks with the inkwells too.