Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Murphy's Bistro - YUMMY!

    Christopher had to work the night of our anniversary.  We had planned to go to our favourite Italian restaurant in Belleville, but that was not to be.  We have been married 19 years, we had to do something.  We decided to check out Murphy's Bistro.  I've been meaning to go in for ages, but I have not gotten around to it.  To be honest, Murphy's is kind of like the Secret Garden.  Unless you know to look for it, you may walk right past it.  For months now one of my facebook friends has been posting pictures of her Friday night dinner from Murphy's.  It was those glorious looking pictures that made us decide to finally check them out.

    Before we left the house, Christopher asked me if I was bringing my camera.  "No, this is our special day, there will be no blogging today!"  We walked into the unassuming building, and I was shocked.  Inside of the restaurant was beautiful.  The walls are a calming coffee colour, and the art on the wall is amazing.  The tables were even lovely.  Almost as soon as we walked through the doors I regretted not bringing my camera.  After we ordered our meal I asked my husband in my sweetest voice if he could possibly run home and grab my camera.

    It felt like it took forever to get our food, (the reality was it probably took a maximum of 15-20 minutes).  I reminded myself that good food that has been made to order just for me, that has not been made hours before and left to heat under heat lamps tastes sooooo much better, and therefore takes longer.  When I gave myself that little telling off, I relaxed.  I enjoyed the scenery, I enjoyed my husband's company.  My husband and I never get out together, just the two of us, so why was I rushing?  It was not long before I began to smell a heavenly aroma, and realized that was my food!

    Christopher ordered the Pulled Pork Nachos.  Crisp tortilla chips topped  with pulled pork, drizzled with apple butter sauce, diced onion (he said that the onions were really what made the whole dish), red peppers and melted cheddar and Monterrey jack cheeses.  Served with salsa and sour cream.  Christopher said that the sweetness of the pork was delicious.

    I ordered the Tuscan Club.  Grilled chicken, pancetta, provolone cheese and roasted red peppers, topped with lettuce and tomato.  It came with my choice of Murphy Taters, Murphy Salad or Caesar salad.  I chose the Caesar salad with a side of Murphy Taters.  If perfection has a name, it's name is Tuscan Club!  Every single bite oozed flavour.  The chicken was so moist and was grilled with the perfect seasonings.  I am drooling as I write this just thinking about it.  Those potatoes were so good.  It was obvious that they were local fresh potatoes.  New potatoes have their own special taste.  

Can you see the gorgeous colours?
The bright red roasted peppers, ohhhhhhhh.
    I offered Christopher a bite of my Tuscan Club, and he was very sorry that he accepted a bite.  He had been thoroughly enjoying his pulled pork nachos, until that is he tried my sandwich.  After he tried my little taste of heaven, he was wishing that he had ordered my order. 

    It was an amazing lunch.  The company (my groom of 19 years) was fabulous.  The service was impeccable.  The food was too good for words to do it justice.  I will be honest, it might very well be the best food that I have eaten in the last year, and I have had some really good meals this year (we were on vacation).  I may never again go to our favourite Italian restaurant again.  Why would I go to Belleville when I can just walk down the street for the best food around?
    The food is the best I have tasted in a long while, and the prices are amazing!  I might just be able to afford to take our whole family there for dinner, and that's saying something.

    Murphy's Bistro is a little like the Secret Garden.  No one knew about the Secret Garden, but when they discovered it they wanted to spend all of their time there.  Murphy's is unassuming from the outside, but when you walk through those magical doors, you will be planning your next visit before you leave.  This wonderful little restaurant deserves our business.  Too often in Tweed, new businesses have a high turnover rate.  It would be a sin if Murphy's did not survive.  Their food is so amazing that once you have tried it, you will be back, but you have to try them first.

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