Saturday, 28 April 2012

The Tweed Elvis Festival

    Today we had a fun afternoon, well I did.  Christopher and three of the kids and I (Riley was at a birthday party) went over to the  Spring Sale at the Tweed Community Centre.  Several local business had gathered in the arena for a sale, like a sidewalk sale, but inside.  I really enjoyed wandering around looking.  I also enjoyed getting some really great deals from Tracy from the Unconventional Moose, and buying discounted theatre tickets from Tim Porter for this year's productions at The Marble Church.  I enjoyed chatting with all of the people that I knew.  That is one of the things that I most love about living in a small town, you can't walk a foot without bumping into someone you know.   It was really nice to talk to people that I don't always get an opportunity to speak to.
    Two of the people that I met and spoke to were Bob Taylor and Maril Swan.  These two are very involved in our community.  The really funny thing about this is that Bob Taylor doesn't even live in Tweed!  It's funny how small towns work, it's always the same people that do all of the work.  Today Bob and Maril were at a booth supporting the up coming Elvis Festival (they are both also members of the Tweed Lion's Club among other things).

   This is the Elvis Festival's second year.  It was a great idea.  To those of you not in the know it has long been joked / rumoured that Elvis lives in Tweed.  We have had news crews, newspaper and magazine articles about it.  Some smart person decided to capitalize on it and host an Elvis Festival.  Last year it brought a lot of people into our little quiet village.  Last year I was not able to attend the festival, but I admit that I did really enjoy the energy that week-end.  There were Elvis impersonators at a couple of locations giving free mini concerts.  It was unexpected, and so much fun.
    This year I am volunteering to help at the festival.  I have made it clear that I don't want to volunteer to do something gross (i.e. sanitation),  I'm thinking, sell wrist bands.  One of the bonuses to volunteering is a free week-end pass to the festival.  It sounds like it will be fun.
  I know that people who love the Grateful Dead are called Dead Heads, but I'm not sure what Elvis lovers like to be called, Elvi?  Whatever you call yourselves, if you love Elvis you should take a little trip to my home town.  I have it on reliable authority that he lives here!  The festival is August 24, 25, and 26.  If you are interested a great place to find out more information is

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