Friday, 6 April 2012

The Vacation Is Over - Bah Hum Bug!!!

     So here I am home.  As we speak I am doing laundry and cleaning my dishwasher.  I have to unpack, put things away, think about the week ahead, in other words back to real life.  I became a little used to having someone come and clean my room while I am away.  Yesterday I left the house and when I came back home my bed was still unmade.  I was about to call down to front desk, when I realized... Oh wait, I am the "staff".  I became spoiled.  Someone made my bed, I picked out what I wanted for dinner, and did no dishes.  And now it's all over, boo hooo hooo.
    We had an amazing vacation.  In retrospect I may have packed too much in, but it was an awesome vacation.  We did a small tour of Savannah, Georgia, saw alligators in their natural habitat (from the safety of our car), 4 days at Disney, 1 day at Universal, we visited a dolphin place, played in the ocean, visited North America's oldest city, picked oranges and played a the Nickelodeon resort.  To top it all off to take a little driving break near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania we stopped by Hershey World.  That is a lot to pack in.
    For those of you who have never been to Hershey, Pennsylvania, why haven't you?  It's free.  We took the tour.  A lot of years ago Hershey stopped their actual factory tours, but built a really fun ride.  My guys loved it.  We boarded our little car and were taken around the chocolate making process and were serenaded by anamotronic cows.  After the ride ended we were given a chocolate sample.  It was the great cap off of our vacation.
     Now my real life resumes.  My days will be filled with "have to's".  At least I had a two week break from reality.  I really do feel refreshed, and maybe it will make the have to's easier, I'll let you know.

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