Monday, 9 April 2012

The Easter Egg Roll.


 Easter is slowly drawing to a close.  It has been busy, and I am looking forward to having a cuddle with my husband and a glass of wine, well a glass of wine anyway.  It has been a great day, but I am ready to wind it down.
    Today the kids began their day with the treasure hunt that the Easter Bunny left them, then we headed to the Thomasburg Hall to enjoy our extended family.  For the last 32 years my Uncle Bruce has hosted the "Easter Egg Roll".  In that time it has seen many locations, but has always meant fun for the little ones, and a great way to connect with the whole family.  It has been an interesting evolution that began when my cousins were small, and has seen us all grow up and have families of our own, and some of my older cousin's families are nearly ready to begin their own families.  32 years is a long time.
    The day has many different activities.  It begins before Easter morning.  We decorate eggs, but not in the way that you may think.  There is a best decorated egg contest.  We are not talking your typical dyed eggs, oh no you are thinking too small.  No the best decorated egg is usually more like an egg diorama, and usually topical.  There have been years that is more like an art show, and years that you laugh until yu nearly pee your pants.   As well as having a "best dressed egg", you will also require a "racing egg".

Grace and Riley's best dressed eggs.

Uncle Bruce presiding over the Easter Egg Roll.
    I'm not going to lie, my favourite part of the day is the lunch.  Everyone brings something.  My Dad is can usually be found at the barbecue beside a second barbecue that is manned by one of my cousins.  Inside the hall are every type of salad and treat you can imagine.  The biggest fight/ draw comes from my cousin Matt's wife Emma.  Emma is Philippino, and brings this delicious dish called panzit.  There has been many a fight, ending in Aunts stealing from nieces/ nephews, cousins stealing from cousins, all to get the lions share of Emma's panzit.  We gather around the tables, catching up with each other.  Often I only see these members of my family once a year at the egg roll.  It's nice to see them.
    After lunch we all gather around Uncle Bruce's crazy ramp that has been rigged with a patch at the bottom full of nails, mouse traps and holes.  The goal is to have your egg maintain it's yolk.  I personally like to be one of the first ones out because it earns me a big bag of candy, not to shabby.  As you roll your egg down the ramp, the rabbid crowd shouts "trap trap trap trap".   Then they all laugh at you as your egg is destroyed.  My kids LOVE it!!!!!
    At the end of the day everyone hugs and kisses and calls it a day.  Thank you Uncle Bruce you started a great tradition. It's nice to have an excuse to get our whole extended family together, even if we are all nuts!

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