Sunday, 29 April 2012

Broccoli and Cheese Omelettes ... Yum!

    It is not in my nature to try new things.  If it is not something that I have known since birth, I am extremely resistant to try it, I know it's child like.  I always think "what if I don't like it?".   It seems a waste to, well waste.  It's just the way I am.  All of this changed when we went to Disney.  
    At Disney I was in a new place trying new things, I was a new person, well sort of.  Every meal that I had the opportunity to, I tried something new.  It was relatively risk free, because most of our meals were buffet.  At the buffet I just tried small amounts of the new foods to see if I would like them (this feels like I'm talking about my kids here, I am a little ashamed to admit.  "Just try a little bite, and if you don't like it, you can spit it out.")  I tried a lot of new and exciting foods.  Some of them I have always wanted to try, some of them I had never heard of, but they looked benign.  One of those foods that I tried was a broccoli and cheese omelette.  Before you start shaking your head, I have tried omelettes before.  In fact I very often make toasted western omelettes.  Broccoli just does not seem like it should go into egg.  I was in a new place, trying new things, so when I saw it offered for breakfast, I went out on a limb and tried it.  It was delicious!!!!!!

Just so you know, I had already made several omelettes in this pan before I took this picture,
 although this sad little pan has indeed seen better days.

    Yesterday morning Christopher woke up and announced that he had a hankering for a broccoli and cheese omelette.  I sent him to the store for broccoli and well the rest as they say is history.
    I began by getting all of my ingredients ready.  I mixed a dozen eggs with a tiny bit of milk, and whisked, adding salt and pepper.  I then precooked my broccoli and chopped it up.  I shredded my cheese, and cut some chives.  Then I slightly heated my sad little well loved frying pan.  I decided to do one omelette at a time, to make them look pretty.  When I make westerns, I mix it all in together, including my diced ham, and chives, then I pour them into my big electric frying pan, throw the lid on and wait.  When they are cooked I toss on a generous amount of shredded cheese and cut the omelette into toast sized squares.  Not fancy, but really tasty.

    Yesterday I wanted to recreate the beauty of the Disney broccoli cheese omelette.  I went with the omelette bar style.  So I heated my pan, and added about a tablespoon of butter (ummmmm butter).  I melted it and spread it around.  I then added the egg.  I just poured enough to coat the bottom of the pan, about the same amount you would add for a large pancake.  I watch a lot of cooking shows, and on all the cooking shows when they make omelettes, they run their spatula around the outside of the omelette (between the omelette and the inside of the pan), so that it's easier to flip.  Turns out that those experts are right.  It does make it easier to flip if you do that.  I waited until the top of the egg looked firm, not runny anymore, and then I flipped it.  After the first one it became easier, as I gained a technique.  The trick is to have the perfect thickness to your omelette, not too thick.

I had my fillings right beside me so that they were ready to go.

    After I had flipped the omelette, I added the broccoli and cheese, and chives to half.  

I turned the omelette onto the half with the broccoli and cheese.  I put the lid on the pan
 for a minute to let the cheese melt, then it was done, and ready to serve.

My broccoli and cheese omelettes were not quite as good as the ones at Disney,
 but that is only because I had to make these, and clean up, 
but other than that, they were identical.  They were a big hit with my kids too. 
I served the omelettes with fresh bakery bread (Sweet Temptations Bakery), and we were good to go.
It was a real win win breakfast.  

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