Monday, 30 April 2012

Soccer Season

    The team jerseys have been washed.  The welcome letter is made and printed.  The first week's after game snacks have been purchased.  I think we are ready for this year's soccer season.  I am preparing myself for the endless soccer discussions, that mostly take place just as I am drifting off to sleep at night.  Soccer season makes me think of the funny story often told at barbecue season.  The wife purchases the meat for the big barbecue.  She makes the marinade, then soaks the meat in the marinade overnight.  She spends the day making salads and other side dishes.  She takes everything out that they might need for the barbecue (plates, napkins, utensils).  She makes sure that everything is perfect for her guests.  The guests  arrive the husband hands out drinks and grills the meat.  Everyone makes a big fuss over how delicious the meal is, and thanks the husband, telling him how delicious that meal was.  Soccer season is a little like that for us.  I wash the jerseys, buy or make the snacks, type and create the newsletter, do the leg work, buy batteries for the CD player, burn the CD, coach gets the credit.  To be honest, I'm OK with that, it's just funny.  I'm happy to be the person behind the scenes, not standing in the rain covered in mud.  Not running up and down the length of the field (probably for me ending in a heart attack).  I'll give him all of the credit, he really does earn the majority of it.
    For the last 12 years my husband has coached soccer.  It's funny because until he began coaching Gabe he really knew nothing about the game.  I am awfully hard on my husband, and make him the the butt of many of my jokes, but he is really an amazing coach, for that matter he is a really amazing dad (and husband)!  There are many parents that specifically ask for their children to be put on Christopher's team.  He makes it fun for them.  He really encourages the kids to do their best.  He grumbles about going out soccer nights, but he loves it.
   It's funny to see the transformation of Christopher Lindsay as he transforms into Coach Chris (not unlike David Banner to the Hulk).  My husband is tall man, a big guy.  He is also really quiet, in public (I would really like to underscore that he is quiet in public, not at home).  He's kind of shy.  Coach Chris runs along the sides of the field screaming encouragement at the kids.  He screams a lot.  It's all positive, but it is screamed.  Many a person who knows us looks at me in disbelief often wondering aloud if this is my husband.  I shake my head feigning embarrassment.  Being the comedian I am quiet often I can be heard exclaiming "I hope he looses his voice!"
    This year three of the four kids are involved in soccer.  Elly has her first practice tonight  ( I can't believe that my baby is old enough to play soccer).  Christopher coaches Riley and Rowan, and has their entire soccer career.  Our nights will be taken up with soccer practices and games.  My precious sleep will be interrupted with instant replays of the games, "What can I do to get _______ out of his/ her shell?", " Got any ideas for tomorrows drill?"  
It's only two months, the kids love it, Christopher loves it.  That is what I will keep telling myself,
it gets me through soccer season.

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