Friday, 27 April 2012

Sweet Temptations...

    Oh Guselle and Jodi are two people in the neighbourhood, in the neighbourhood, in the neighbourhood, in the neighbour  --- hoooooood.  You get it, I couldn't help it.  
I visit Sweet Temptations Bakery every day, well not Sunday or Monday because they aren't open, although I have been sorely tempted to break in.  Before you jump to conclusions, I don't buy myself treats everyday (some days I can't help but to), I buy myself delicious freshly baked bread.  Today it was still warm.  I buy my fresh baked bread for only $1.55. Where can you buy fresh bread for $1.55?  Everyday they ask "would you like it sliced?"  Everyday I roll my eyes and say "you know I do".   
    Guselle and Jodi are fairly new to Tweed.  I think this is their second summer here.  I find it hard to bear thinking about a time their shop was not in Tweed.  Tweed has had it's fair share of bakeries that have come and gone.  Those bakeries were not that great,  Sweet Temptations is great.  In my little one horse town I can buy cannolis , Holy Cannoli, I can buy real cannolis!  I can buy any specialty pastry that you can buy in Toronto, or Ottawa.
    Sometimes if I am a really good girl I will buy myself a mini cheese cake tart.  I try to sneak it (there are no calories if no one sees you eating it.)  I find a place of serenity (usually my comfy brown leather chair), take a deep breath and take a tiny little bit.  I just let it sit in my mouth while I take in every single flavour.  I do this for the whole tart, until the very last bite, which I just pop in and am sorry I did it.  Sometimes I even buy one for Christopher (when I'm feeling particularly loving).  Christopher's technique is different from mine.  He shoves the whole thing in two bits.  I always shake my head at him disapprovingly, and laugh.  Part of the laugh is evil, because his is done and I am still savoring mine.  It feels really good to know he's watching me with envy.

    As a special after school treat I took the kids to the bakery today.  I love watching them pour over the display. Their eyes devouring every tasty item.   Elly knows what she wants before we even get in.  Today Jodi asked if Elly wanted "the usual".  That made me laugh.  Elly, our last and most spoiled child talks me into buying her a chocolate cookie every day that I buy bread.    Riley didn't take too long to decide either.  Grace really weighed out her choices.  For her it's really hard to decide between the eclairs and the cannolis.  Today chocolate eclair won.  Rowan in Rowan style decided on an orange lolly pop.  "A lolly pop in a bakery?" I asked.  "but that's what I want." he told me.  Lolly pop it was.

    Every time  I go in there it feels like a little visit with friends.  I think that I like that even more than the delicious treats, although in truth it might be a draw.  There is always a smile.  I always feel good when I leave there.  They are good business women, but maybe they are just nice ladies.

Elly enjoying her "usual" the chocolate chip cookie.

   Did I mention that they were also amazing artists?  Above is the cake that Christopher bought from them for my 40th birthday.  At first I did not know it was a cake.  Every single item was eatable.  I thought that is was just cleaver decorations.  Oh it was cleaver decorations, that you could eat!  Not only did it look like art, it tasted like heaven.

   So now you know what I did today (well every day except Sunday and Monday).  If you find yourself in our neck of the woods you should stop by and see them.  See you tomorrow girls.

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  1. Jodi posted your link on facebook. I've never been to their bakery, although I can't imagine that it is anything but fabulous. I just had to comment because of the fact that you have a daughter named Grace - not so unusual on it's own - but also a son named Rowan! Me too! Mine are 10 and 2.5