Saturday, 7 April 2012

Easter Already?

    HOLY COW!!!!!! (please make a note that I said "cow" instead of what I my brain said).  I knew before we left for our vacation that we would be coming back to Easter, but still I feel completely unprepared.  Now Easter for most is not a big deal, but as you may already know, every holiday to us seems like a big deal.  I have not yet broken into the cold sweats, but I'm sure that they are coming soon.  There is so much do, and I may have run out of time.
    I am by nature a procrastinator, but not usually like this.  I think I have most things ready, but I know that there are a bunch of things that I have forgotten.  I need to shortly run out and buy a boat load of eggs, then the mess of decorating them begins.  The problem is that the car is still not unpacked from the trip, and the table is piled to the ceiling with souvenirs from the trip, as well as junk.  Take a deep breathe.  That is what I have to do, take a deep breath.  It is a strange combination that I suffer from, being both a procrastinator and a perfectionist.  To me everything has to be perfect.  I feel like if I screw one thing up I might scar them for life (perhaps procrastination and perfectionism are not the only things that I suffer from).  Intellectually I know that even if this holiday is a huge disaster it will not scar them for life, unless I go mental and physically scar them for life.  I find the intellectual voice is at this time being drowned out by the hysterical screaming of the perfectionist.  Deep breathe.
    Maybe I should make myself a list.  Part of the problem is that when we were away Christopher's work got stinking busy.  His first day back he worked from 10 am - 11 p.m.  This morning he left the house at 7:30 and won't be back until 6:00 that is provided no one else dies (my husband is a funeral director).  Long story short,  I am on my own.  So I am going to finish writing this and make lists.
    O.K. enough of my ranting.  There really is lots to do.  Easter really is a big deal around here.  The Easter Bunny traditionally leaves the kids a treasure hunt.  He leaves them clues that lead to the next clues.  At our house the Easter Bunny does not just hide their loot.  At some of the clues he leaves little things like tiny chocolates.  At the end of their treasure hunt they find the whole pile of treasure.  Traditionally the Bunny leaves them a basket filled with skipping ropes, kites, bubbles, chalk, as well as a few other little trinkets as well as candy.  I love watching their excitement as they run from clue to clue.  Sometimes the clues are harder and it's fun to watch them working things out.
    I guess this has been enough procrastination, I better get to work... wish me luck.

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