Monday, 1 April 2013

Our Barfy Easter.... Literally

    Having 4 children who attend school has taught me that holiday's and special events are a crap shoot.  There are pretty good odds that one of them will pick something up at school, and be kind enough to share it with everyone else.  School is pretty much a breeding ground for the world's nastiest germs.  I think that if Korea really wants to be effective in world terror, they would abandon the nuclear weapons, and instead focus in on germ warfare.  They would have to look no farther than their local school. 

    As I have already shared with you, last Wednesday night I stayed up until the wee hours of the night making fancy cupcakes for the big kids to take for their classes.  In the early hours of Thursday morning Gracie began to throw up.  She then proceeded to sleep for almost 24 hours.  I kept trying to fool myself into thinking that she was an isolated case... the other kid's would not catch this bug.  Those were the famous last words.  Very early Saturday morning (it felt more like Friday night), Rowan started to throw up.  In the later early morning hours Elly got hit with the vomits.  I am pretty sure that the town water really likes it when my kids get sick, because our water bill goes wayyyyy up.  The hum of the washing machine can be heard humming almost around the clock (my kids are not good at their aim).

    Saturday morning Moira Place, our local nursing home had organized an Easter Egg hunt for all of the local children.  They had hidden thousands of eggs.  The child that found "a golden egg" would win a brand new bike.  Grace needed a bike.  The kids had been really excited about the egg hunt.  Rowan and Elly were so sick that they just lay on the couch, buckets close by, dozing in and out of sleep.  Christopher took Riley and Grace to Moira Place, and Rowan and Elly and I stayed home.  Grace and Riley came home with buckets full of chocolate eggs, but no bikes.

    While Christopher was away with the girls, I began to feel rough.  I felt cold and clammy, and I felt really queazy.  This was not good.  An hour or so later when Christopher and the girls got home I listened to their stories, and then made my way into the bed.  I lay incapacitated for the day, making frantic trips to the bathroom... it was not good.  Around 2:00 Christopher came into the bedroom holding our spiral ham.  "So honey when do you want to get up and start dinner?"  It's good that I was so weak, well it was really good for him.  "I have what the kid's have" I forced out through gritted teeth.  Christopher looked confused.  I'm not sure if he thought that I often said I felt nauseous and wanted to lie down just for fun.  I'm not sure what they ate that night, or really for that matter if they ate.  When Christopher stumbled into bed that night in the wee hours of the morning he had an exhausted and pained look on his face.  "Honey I'm sorry.  I did not know how hard it was to organize our holidays."  He had decorated eggs with the kids, and helped them with their best dressed eggs, in other words he had been me for the day.  I think that he may have fallen asleep with his clothes on that night.
    Sunday morning was Easter morning, and I felt MUCH better.  The kids all ran around looking for their Easter treats hidden by the Easter Bunny.  They were so excited, tearing around the house like they had never been sick.  All of the kids except Elly.  Poor little Elly just lay curled up in a chair.  At one point she sat up and threw up like The Exorcist.  It was decided that Christopher would stay home with Elly and I would take the oldest three to my extended family's Easter Egg Roll.  As I was getting the big kids ready to go, Riley turned the colour of a ghost and doubled over with stomach cramps.  She was not very happy when I shared with her she would not be coming.
    Rowan and Grace and I had a great time at my family's Easter Egg Roll.  We caught up with the extended family, the kids hunted for eggs, and had fun.  When we got home Riley was out of commission, but Elly was feeling better.  Shortly after we got home the bug hit Christopher.  He went and lay down.  I was tempted to go in the bedroom and ask him to lift and move things, but then I thought I would be nice.
    This nasty bug has made it through the house.  We have all been hit, and made it through.  It actually wasn't the worst stomach virus that we have ever had.  If there is an upside (which I struggle to find), we will never forget the Easter of 2013!

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