Sunday, 28 April 2013

80's day

    Friday was 80's day at the kid's school.  80's Day!  I'm not sure if I should be happy, or worried.  Weren't the 1980s just last year?  It just cements the fact that I am getting old.  I've become my parents ranting about how great the 80's (they said 60's) were.  How our music was the best, our clothes were more fun.  As I write this I am convulsing with fear, and saying in my head "But the 80's really were Totally awesome dude!"

    Christopher and I set out Thursday night to Value Village in search of 80's clothes.  It turns out that it was much harder than I thought it would be.  The hardest part was finding clothes for Rowan.  It then dawned on me that boys clothes have not changed that dramatically.  I mean their pants have gotten bigger (I'm talking they borrow their Dad's pants) and ride much lower, but they still wear polos.  The polos no longer have the collars turned up, but they still wear polos.  At one point I shouted over to Christopher "What did Bill and Ted wear?'  He just shrugged.  

    After what seemed like an eternity of searching we left with a bag of semi- 1980's clothes, and a receipt for $25.00.   We spent our car ride reminiscing about each of our 1980's experience.  I had desperately wanted to wear the more daring clothing, but just did not have the courage.  I was too afraid to be judged.  So I played it safe with my clothing choices.  I hope my girls have the courage to be who they truly want to be.

    Friday morning I got the kids all dressed and then began the monumental task of tackling 80's hair.  Riley is a brick wall.  You cannot make Riley do anything that Riley does not want to do.  She was bound and determined that she would have a side pony tail.  I kept trying to tell her that it did not go with the Madonna look.  You will notice that she won.  I did talk her into the larger than life bow.

    As I stood doing Gracie's hair giggling.  I LOVED doing her hair.  She was sporting my exact hair style.  I teased her bangs so that they would stand.  I hair sprayed, and then hair sprayed again, and again, and once again.  Today's hair spray just does not have that same rock solid staying power I am sad to tell you.  When she was about to leave, I pulled out the best part yet... my denim duster jacket.
I had wanted that jacket, wanted it with every fiber of my being.  I would open that Sears catalogue, and just look, wanting.  I got that jacket for my 16th birthday.  It was my most prized possession.  I donated all the old things to the thrift store, all except my duster jacket.  That duster jacket lay folded in closet waiting.  It was waiting for that special day when it could make it's return to glory.

Me in the 80's
    80's day.  It still feels strange that it's in the past.  It feels almost surreal to think that I am no longer that teenager, that I am the parent of a should be teen, and a pre-teen.  How did this happen?  Christopher told me a funny story yesterday.  He told me that the Chicago Blackhawks had just been awarded The President's Trophy.  The sportscaster had said that they had not won this award in 22 years.  Christopher knew that they had made a mistake, because they had won that award when we were at university.  He then had this terrible realization that it had been 22 years since we had been in university!  God we're getting old.

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